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1990 NBA Hoops Michael Jordan Card


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1990 NBA Hoops Michael Jordan Card!

1990 NBA Hoops Michael Jordan Card! This card is in fabulous condition as this was pulling from the 1990 NBA Hoops Pack. This card is a legendary card because of how rare it is graded and ungraded, plus this is a card well worth the cost for collection. Or even gifting to someone; maybe a friend, family member, whomever! This card is in perfect condition, how? For starters, the corners are perfect. So is the edging, the lineament of the card, and the centering is really good. Plus, nothing is faded. What does that mean? That means that everything is still readable and seeable; front and back.

Also, this comes in a protective case holder to prevent damage to this card. Card(s) will always be secured in packaging. Weather in a box or in a sturdy, yellow envelope. Hundreds of people have bought from us and certainly love our prices and the packaging. Come try us out today! 

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