Breaking down all the games today, Lloyd Pierce is trash, Celtics making good moves, and more!

Why Jokic nor LeBron is MVP and the PHX Suns taking home the gold!

Why Jokic nor LeBron is MVP and the PHX Suns taking home the gold!

Why Jokic nor LeBron is MVP and the PHX Suns taking home the gold! Welcome back to the podcast as we are all things good, all things knowledge, and all things that are not race-baiting and/or being woke like the majority of sporting companies and athletes. We are one of a kind, truly. As today we are breaking forth to you news around the league, why LeBron James is a bigot and an ULTIMATE racist, MVP not your traditional view on it, why Jokic and Embiid may fall short of glory, and so much more.

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