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Michael Jordan Honey Frosted Wheaties Box


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Michael Jordan Honey Frosted Wheaties Box

Michael Jordan Honey Frosted Wheaties Box! This is a Michael Jordan Honey Frosted Wheaties Box still in perfect condition. The Wheaties box has Michael Jordan shooting in front, plus it is telling you about winning a Michael Jordan basketball. The box has no tears nor wears, and the beat part of all the corners/edges are in perfect condition.

Note, the only thing that isn’t included with the box is the Wheaties itself, the box is completely empty. The only thing that is coming when purchased is the box, not the cereal.

Even without the Wheaties this is still a cool piece to collect, having anything Michael Jordan is amazing to have. You need to jump on this fast as this won’t last. Michael Jordan stuff is selling like no one else’s business.

So, what are you waiting for? Collect now before too late!

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