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Guest On The Show

Guest On The Show

Hello NBA fans, writers, journalists of all sports, anyone and everyone that is here on this page currently; we are excited to have you, why? Because we are coming out with some new features for CourtSideHeat: The Podcast. The main feature is that you, who is trying to get bigger and get more opportunities to show off your podcasting skills (or anything in general), now have the opportunity to join Joshua Unangst on his podcast and be able to have a 15-45 minute conversation with him about everything that is happening within the NBA, the biggest stories and topics within the NBA, and, of course, we will be discussing what you do and what your podcast/site is all about.

Why are we doing this? The reason why we are doing this is to have fan/writer connections, audience connections on our podcast as we want to benefit CourtSideHeat and the guest being presented on the podcast. Want to know the amazing part? It is free, no money is required. We just want to have a conversation about the NBA, topics that are facing the NBA when it comes to certain teams that are make-or-break, drama with Zion/Lillard, Laker’s getting everyone in free agency, etc. Whatever we can think of for the upcoming episode. But this gets us to have an exciting opportunity of expanding and being able to have a full-time schedule of guests on the show and vice versa.

Some of the topics we could talk about would be the biggest takeaway of the draft, free agency shockers, where teams could rank next season, the possibility of keeping the Play-In Tournament long term, and different things like that. From small topics to massive topics, we will just have to brainstorm before the podcast airdate launches.

We are going through this great website called PodMatch, and PodMatch (and correct me if I am wrong) is where instead of you finding a significant other to date you can match yourself up with guests or hosts that you would think would be amazing to do. Say you have a podcast and want to interview people, PodMatch allows for you to do that. Same if you are a guest and looking to make it onto people’s podcasts, PodMatch allows for you to do that.

It is super simple for us to connect, go to the PodMatch link and schedule a Calendly time with us on one of the days available, collaborate with us, and that way we have all the preparation time in the world to create this amazing segment.

Here is the link to get started:

This is the link to get signed up, if you don’t already have an account, message CourtSideHeat to get the guest preparation started. Just click the Register button, or sign-up button, to message us. That shouldn’t take any time at all.

The rest will be done within the messaging system of PodMatch.

With all that being said, let us cover what is required for you to be The Guest On The Show!


  • What I am looking for:

I’m looking for someone that knows what is currently happening in the NBA and could have a conversation on the biggest topics out there in the NBA World. Plus, have at least a basketball website and/or basketball podcast.

Biggest takeaways?

  • Have an NBA website
  • Have an NBA podcast
  • Or working for an NBA site

One of those has to be required as the rest can be optional, however, if you have more than one that is perfect. Let me know so I can mention it in the podcast.

  • What I am looking for in age:

The guest must have knowledge on anything NBA-related from the 90s’ and continuing in eras until we get to the present day or at least an era that they are comfortable talking about. The age can be 15-years-older and up, we want to give everyone the opportunity to have the choice of using this podcast platform to their advantage/benefit.

Background information of our intended audience:

About The Audience (Who Guests Are Talking To)My listeners typically range from 18-60 years old, we try to range in that age to capture newer and older fans of the game. Gender is a mix of male and female, however, the majority of our NBA podcast consists of men. They are interested in hearing about the NBA, what is happening, our takes, breaking everything down, and different things like that. Also, as some more background, this podcast has been around for a year or so.

Again, here is the link to get started:

Can’t wait to connect, hope to see you guys there.