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Doc Rivers and Clippers split ways!

Doc Rivers and 76ers connect up for a contract!

Doc Rivers and Clippers split ways!

Doc Rivers and Clippers split ways! Reports have been coming out that both sides have parted ways. It was a “mutual decision” for both sides to come forth and say no more.

The main reason for this departure would be the disappointing season they had this year because expectations were high. They made it to the Semi-Round of the Conference Finals when they lost the 3-1 lead over the Nuggets. That is when rumors were sinking in that the Clippers would be different because things seemed different.

Everyone was predicting a showdown of the Lakers-Clippers in the Conference Finals, but that didn’t go well. The Clippers had Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, and Patrick Beverley (for fun). They thought this was a super-team for this year, they had high hopes especially with the coaching of Doc Rivers.

Those were the main problems and concerns heading into this “mutual decision” to split. This is what Clipper’s Chairman, Steve Ballmer, had to say about Doc Rivers leaving the team.

“Doc has been a terrific coach for the Clippers, an incredible ambassador, and a pillar of strength during tumultuous times,” Ballmer said in a statement Monday. “He won a heck of a lot of games and laid a foundation for this franchise.”

“I am immeasurably grateful to Doc for his commitment and contributions to the Clippers and the city of Los Angeles,” Ballmer said. “I am also extremely confident in our front office and our players. We will find the right coach to lead us forward and help us reach our ultimate goals. We will begin the search and interview process immediately.”

This is what Doc Rivers had to say about his departure from the team:

“Thank you Clipper Nation for allowing me to be your coach and for all your support in helping make this a winning franchise,” Rivers¬†said in a statement posted to Twitter. “When I took this job, my goals were to make this a winning basketball program, a free agent destination, and bring a championship to this organization.”

“While I was able to accomplish most of my goals, I won’t be able to see them all through. Though it was a disappointing ending to our season, you are right there and I know what this team is capable of accomplishing with your support.”

“Thank you to all the players, coaches, and staff for helping us get here. Most importantly, thank you to the fans. We went through a lot, and I am grateful for my time here.”

Also, to add some more details, he had two years left on his contract. His contract was set to expire through the 2022 season.

Doc Rivers have made history…. but for the wrong reasons!

Doc Rivers is the only head coach in NBA history to have a 3-1 lead still lose… in three series. He did so with the Clippers in 2020 against the Nuggets and with the Clippers in 2015 against the Rockets. Plus, in his early coaching years, with the Magic back in 2003 against the Pistons in the First Round.

His stats with the Clippers:

He went a 356-208 record with the Clippers in five seasons. Rivers has won 63% of games, which is the fifth-best record in head coaching history. Now, this is the kicker, he is 3-8 with the Clippers on clinching-playoff games. This means that when it comes down to series-winning games, they are the worst team in NBA history to do this. Rivers is tied to do this with one team.

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