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Hybrid Devin Booker Build NBA2K24

Hybrid Devin Booker Build NBA2K24

Hybrid Devin Booker Build NBA2K24

Hybrid Devin Booker Build NBA2K24

I hype up many builds, and many builds are debatable when it comes to how much hype one receives, but not this sharpshooter build. This build deserves all the hype and then some.

The perfect build has been assembled and is mainly to the liking of Devin Booker, however, it isn’t his exclusively. Legend Ray Allen and Klay Thompson also play a significant role in the dominance and perfection of this build.

In all honestly, NBA2K24 has just gotten more deadly when people start using this build. This gives you the power to do anything you like to do on the court shooting-wise, but don’t think playmaking is out of the picture.

This build does allow for some quality playmaking abilities, which means, at the end of the day, your player won’t be a “ball-hog”.

I’ll get into more of this once the details are revealed, so let’s just jump into it right now.

Custom Template

  • Position: Shooting Guard
  • Height: 6’6″
  • Weight: 200 lbs
  • Wingspan: 6’8″

Attributes List

  • Close Shot: 89
  • Driving Layup: 75
  • Driving Dunk: 71
  • Standing Dunk: 32
  • Post Control: 85
  • Mid-Range Shot: 90
  • Three-Point Shot: 91
  • Free Throw: 92
  • Pass Accuracy: 77
  • Ball Handle: 85
  • Speed With Ball: 74
  • Interior Defense: 42
  • Perimeter Defense: 54
  • Steal: 73
  • Block: 38
  • Offensive Rebound: 52
  • Defensive Rebound: 49 
  • Speed: 84
  • Acceleration: 77
  • Strength: 60
  • Vertical: 74
  • Stamina: 95


This shooting guard build is pretty solid on the offensive side, the only downside is that you’ll be a defensive liability to your team. Now, let me say this, that’s in the beginning of your journey with this build so I wouldn’t take too much stock into this “issue”.

This build would be perfect as an all-around shooter for MyCareer and for the REC. Imagine taking in this dynamic sharpshooter into a live, online game… it’ll be a wonderful day for you.

If you want to tweak this build you can, mess around with the pounds and other custom template features. Ultimately, it’s fine to do that as long as you don’t change the position or change some of the settings too drastically. If you do, then say goodbye to this supernatural-like build featuring these undeniable ballers.

With that all being said, CourtSideHeat will be coming out with even more builds in the future. For example, I’ll be presenting you all with the Michael Jordan Build AND Kobe Bryant Build. Two separate builds but equally as fun.

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