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Membership Deals

Membership Deals

CourtSideHeat is offering membership deals that will allow our loyal, or brand new, viewers the chance to get exclusive content that has never been released to our public website. You will be getting exclusive deals, exclusive articles and breakdowns, and so much more.

This is something to take advantage of as everyone else is charging you unfair monthly rates for terrible content.

How is CourtSideHeat different?

We are very different as we break down the topic we are presenting to you; we don’t get political with our topics just everything basketball-related, plus we give you the reader’s digest to everything we are breaking down. Also, the cost is worth it. While other companies are charging you outrageous prices we are not, and our content is worth it. Our content is unique, trustworthy, and getting all the news and knowledge within an article.

We don’t complicate these topics, we don’t focus anything else besides sports, and we give our takes and updates that no one else is getting.

What is the price and what will you be receiving per month?

The price per month is only $3 dollars and you will be receiving two exclusive articles, four exclusive coupons, and exclusive deals, and new releases on products. The articles will come out every other week and every week you get a coupon.

These articles won’t be about breaking news or anything that anyone online is talking about; these will be original pieces of topics never expressed before, our takes on situations, and giving you everything in one article where it makes sense.

Where can you register for the membership?

You can register for this membership at our JotForm application. Note: Your card will not be charged until we send you an email confirming the charge of the card, we will never charge your card without your consent.

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