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OPINION: The Bail Out Badge Needs To Be Removed From NBA2K24

OPINION: The Bail Out Badge Needs To Be Removed From NBA2K24

OPINION: The Bail Out Badge Needs To Be Removed From NBA2K24

OPINION: The Bail Out Badge Needs To Be Removed From NBA2K24

Badges are a crucial part of success when building a character in NBA2K23, or any 2K as of late. The skill-based badges are what increase your odds of catching fire, doing better in-game, and giving you an edge over your opponent.

There are badges that are simply wonderful to have for your player, like Middy Magician, Volume Shooter, Limitless Range, etc.

To say the least, badges are your player’s oxygen because of how vital it is to their success in allowing you to play better and be better statistically. Being able to unlock special abilities and being able to take your game to the next level is always recommended.

With that said, there are some badges that shouldn’t be in the game because it rewards bad basketball and is downright stupid. The Bail Out Badge is one of them.

What is the Bail Out Badge?

In short, the Bail Out Badge allows fewer passes to be poorly thrown when in the middle of a jump shot or layup. Plus, it helps when caught in a double team.

Was this ever a good idea?

From when NBA2K23 came out until now when preparing for NBA2K24, many wondered if this badge was ever a good idea. My personal opinion? It was a good idea until bad gamers abused this badge to no end.

The concept of bailing yourself out of a bad shot in hopes of a teammate catching the ball and keeping the possession alive was a terrific idea. There are countless examples in real-life basketball when you need to get out of a bad jump shot and/or layup.

Plus, when double-teamed, it’s good to have this badge with you as being able to get out of those tight situations is crucial. Again, bad basketball gamers have ruined this badge by abusing its power and making it awful.

Why should it be taken out of the game?

In the end, it does promote bad basketball because you can’t always take bad shots, put yourself in bad situations, and pray to the universe that it’ll end up in your teammate’s hands. In the game of real-life and online basketball, any sane person would say how terrible it is and how cheap you are to use it if you keep getting yourself stuck in those situations.

Sadly, this badge promotes bad behavior and allows the player to become more reckless and take the beauty of the game away due to how incompetent they’ve become through this singular badge.

The “jump pass” is not good fundamentals and should only be used if it’s absolutely the last resort; but, again, many have abused its powers, and 2K, by keeping it in the game, is rewarding bad basketball.

I’ll say this, 2K should be putting in badges that promote and award users of good basketball. I believe that 2K should add a reward/punishment system to stop these types of badges from being misused and trashy.


The Bail Out Badge had some potential, it really did, but it became a last-resort badge that created bad habits and horrible bail-outs for bad gamers.

I’m trying not to come out as harsh, however, this is a badge that needs to go because it ruins the quality of basketball due to many thinking it’ll be fine if they do non-realistic basketball moves and other things along those lines.

If 2K is going to create a badge, then I want it to be a badge that awards good behavior and good play rather than sloppy play that gives people a way to cop out and continuously cop out from bad situations that they put themselves in.

In short, I’m in favor of realistic (yet fun) basketball that allows badges to serve users beneficially without compromising the fundamentals and beauty of the game. Maybe that’s just me, but this has been on my chest for a while and wanted to share publicly.

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