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Starting Lineup Juwan Howard Figure


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Starting Lineup Juwan Howard Figure

Starting Lineup Juwan Howard Figure! This is a 1997 Starting Lineup action figure featuring Juwan Howard. This action figure, box, the card is in great condition. The box does have its flaws though, at the bottom where the Kenner logo is you can tell the box is bent up. See photos to get a better idea of the bent, but the good news is nothing significant.

This Juwan Howard action figure was never taken out of the box, nor was the Topps card. This is something that needs to be collected, why? Because he was one of the four original players to be in the Fab. 5 through college and in the NBA. Changed the way NBA players dressed, listened to music, everything in warmups! He was also a good player for the Wizards, helped significantly when needed.

This is a piece of history, this player has so much history behind. Plus this action figure, this Starting Lineup is 23 years old! This would great in someone’s collection, especially starting out!

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