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The “Jordan Rules” – Were they effective?

The "Jordan Rules" - Were they effective? Bill Laimbeer and Michael Jordan driving fighting Jordan Rules MSG Bulls Pistons

The “Jordan Rules were very popular back in the late ’80s, why? It was due to the fact that the Pistons were the ones to scheme up this plan. Chuck Daly, former Piston head coach, devised these plans. Why? Because Jordan was just too dominant, even when the Bulls didn’t have to the best of players.

Who was in on this plan to stop Jordan?

The primary players that needed to guard Jordan were Dennis Rodman and Joe Dumars. As a side-note, this is not the time-period where Rodman joins the Bulls. Rodman joins the Bulls in 1995 when the Jordan Rules were implemented was in 1988.

The players double-teaming Jordan would have been Laimbeer, John Sally, and Rick Mahorn. Those were the top players on Detroit’s team to guard Jordan.

What were the strategies of the Jordan Rules?

The “Jordan Rules” – Were they effective? Yes, the Jordan Rules were very effective. Even though there are a lot of rules to this plan, it was clear to see that there was one rule they always followed. Hitting Michael Jordan out of the air when driving past their defenders.

List of rules from the Jordan Rules:

  • Number one: if Jordan is dribbling at the point, the Positions would force him to the left plus double team him.
  • Number two: if Jordan was to dribble on the left-wing, then they would force him to the top of the key and trap him.
  • Number three: if Jordan was dribbling to the right-wing, then his defenders would double team him but very slowly.
  • Number four: If in the box, defenders would put their big man on him and double team him.
  • Number five: when driving, and able to get past the defenders, they would catch up to him and hit Jordan out of the air.

Did this have a negative or positive effect on Jordan?

From the time period of 1989-1990, it was the Bad Boy Era. They were the most physical, ruthless, heartless basketball team you’ll ever watch. The Pistons were on a whole other level, why? Because they wanted to be the best and to make sure Michael Jordan can’t hurt them in the playoffs nor in the regular season.

Those were their goals, and they succeed. The Pistons managed to win back-to-back championships during their Era before the Bulls gained muscle and strength to take them on.

To be completely honest, even though their Era was short. It is the most known dynasty besides the Bulls. It all came to an end when Jordan decided to was time to put muscle on his body to become more physical. That is truly when the decline of the Pistons began.

How did Jordan defeat the Jordan Rules?

So much went into Michael Jordan defeating and overcoming the Jordan Rules. The two key components in fighting against the Bad Boys was putting on muscle, power, and strength. That was by weightlifting and transiting himself into a big-man, which was very strange for a 6’6, 198-pound man to do. But, hey, it is Michael Jordan.

They feature this in the Last Dance Documentary, where they talk about Jordan training his butt off during Summer Break to get ready for them. He knew that the only way to beat them was to become more rough and tough, be more of a spot-up shooter, and quit driving into the defenders.

The second key component for Jordan would certainly be the passing and trusting in your teammates more. Jordan found that out quickly as he needed to beat this team.

By Michael Jordan trusting and learning more about his teammates, he allowed his team to win more championships. As crazy as that might seem, it is true. Because some of his championship rings came by his teammates hitting clutch shots.

Sealing the deal for the three-peat for the Chicago Bulls.

In 1991, the dreams of Jordan finally beating the Pistons became a reality. In the 1991 NBA Playoffs, where he outlasted the Pistons. Not only did the Bulls beat their rivalries but humiliated them by sweeping Detriot.

This was back in the Eastern Conference Finals when Jordan was scoring 29 points and 7 assists per playoff game. Once Jordan unlocked the secrets of how to become a better basketball player through his teammates, plus unlocking the secrets on how to destroy the Pistons. The became history, as the Chicago Bulls would win the 1991 NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers.

What do you guys think, is this factual of what he is saying about Jordan and the Jordan Rules?

“Until he learned how to involve his other players, he couldn’t win, especially against us,” Laimbeer said of Jordan. “Once you’ve started learning that and gave up some control over his ball club to a degree, that’s when they started winning. We got old — that was a part of it — but still, you’ve got to give him credit for recognizing that he couldn’t do it himself.”

Conclusion of the “Jordan Rules” – Were they effective? Article:

The Jordan Rules were very effective during those two-year stints, they had everything going for them until they reached the early ’90s. That was the best the Pistons will ever get in their franchise, currently right now.

It is incredible to think what the NBA would have been, what the Bulls would have been if the Pistons became to terrorize them throughout the ’90s. To be honest, would there have even been a legend in Jordan by the time he figured it out? Who knows tough to say, but rest assured it is safe to say he figured out quickly.

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