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Top 5 WWE Wrestlers & Their NBA Comparisons

Top 5 WWE Wrestlers & Their NBA Comparisons

Top 5 WWE Wrestlers & Their NBA Comparisons

Top 5 WWE Wrestlers & Their NBA Comparisons

With WrestleMania today and tomorrow, April 2nd and April 3rd, CourtSideHeat is doing something very unique. We have been huge wrestling fans and love WrestleMania, so, our idea, we would have a comparison list of who in the WWE would match with in the NBA and why.

This is a list just to have fun with as we want to see which NBA player compares to the WWE; because we, as people, have been making so many comparisons for different sports that now it is time to do it on the grandest stage of them all.

So without further of due, let’s get start!

Number 5: Seth Rollins & Kevin Durant

These two superstars have had a tremendous career that allowed them the opportunity to fight some legends of their respective sport. Rollins got to have matches and appearances with Sting, Triple H, John Cena, CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, and many more wrestlers like those guys listed.

The same can be said about Durant; Durant got to play against Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Chris Paul, Shaq, Tracy McGrady, Ray Allen, and many more players like those guys listed.

Both players are highly regarded in their respective workplace, popular by the fans, and could put on great performances. Speaking about great performances; NBA Finals and WrestleMania, Rollins and Durant have won many championships in their respective career.

Those moments are exciting accolades, but it isn’t the defining markers of what made them famous. What do I mean by that? What I mean is that they had a moment of betrayal to get them famous. Seth Rollins dismantled The Shield by betraying his on-screen brothers, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose (Jon Moxley – AEW).

It was one of the many highlights in 2014. Then we come to Kevin Durant, while amazing, he isn’t innocent of no betrayal. When Durant left the OKC Thunder for the Golden State Warriors, it literally took everyone’s emotions and flared them up. Disappointment and anger ensued because of how good OKC was back then to have Durant leave is a real blow to them.

With Rollins with The Authority, at that time period of betrayal, he won a championship to highlight the epic move. To highlight the epic move of what Durant did, he secured a title with Golden State. Making both of them the transcending heels of their professional companies.

Number 4: CM Punk & Allen Iverson

Even though Punk isn’t with WWE anymore, when he was with WWE it was a sight to behold. CM Punk was a master on the mic, willing to speak his mind on anything he did, and had a rivalry with the same people that were putting him on payroll.

The same could be said about Allen Iverson, how so? Well, he was the ultimate heel, willing to speak his mind on anything he did, and had beef with the man that (rumors) held his career down.

NBA Commissioner, at the time, David Stern was against Iverson. Plus, the media didn’t help A.I.’s persona and who he was in any way. It never felt like Iverson was given a fair shot in the NBA as there were always some factor against him; plus, the NBA were just not promoting him the way they promote other top names of their company. In the end, Allen Iverson never made it to an Olympic Team or an All-Star Team. Also, as I mentioned before, the media killed him. Their view of him made teams want to steer clear of that kind of guy.

The same could be said for CM Punk, tremendous wrestler that now performs for AEW. When he was in WWE, he was very loud about not getting a main event spot in any WrestleMania. He also took note of the lack of push he was getting from the creative team, because after his incredible feud against John Cena; there really weren’t anything to exciting about his character. After that is when the downfall began and Chairman Vince McMahon sought to release him.

In the end, while both athletes put in good careers. They have had their shares of downfalls, fall-outs, and even successes to cap off their career with. Even though the “system” didn’t work in their favor, both still had good runs.

Number 3: Triple H & Scottie Pippen

There are many similarities between the two; we all know the careers that these two athletes have had, and all the bad blood they have experienced in their rivalries and former friends. Scottie Pippen turned on Michael Jordan when he couldn’t be the star of the show. He felt, even though he isn’t even as a close to good as Kobe Bryant, he could be better than Michael Jordan. Get the spotlight, the attention, and be like Michael.

While Triple H is very good and accomplished a lot, he has gone through so many factions it is crazy. The Authority, Evolution, and D-Generation X have helped boost the role of Triple H. He has won many championships due to being in that stable, or with that partner.

The same can be said about Pippen, Pippen was the sidekick of the Bulls. The duo worked well, but Pippen was the Robin to Jordan’s Batman. This has caused tension, rivalries, and hatred to ensue. Pippen wanted revenge and show he was superior, same with Triple H. The first rivalry between Shawn Michaels and Triple H proves that; who remembers when Hunter put Michaels’ head through a car window, nobody knew, they take a look at some footage, and BOOM they find out Hunter betrayed his friend. Really cool storyline and rivalry that had incredible matches.

Both athletes could be seen trying to one-up their teammate/partner, trying to prove to everyone they are superior, trying to get over with the fans more. Michaels was able to win championships on his own, while Triple H couldn’t. Same with Scottie, Scottie was done for after he left Jordan and Chicago. Six championships later and tensions rose beyond the point of breaking.

So, yes, while they had memorable careers. They will always be in the shadow of their partner, like Michaels or Jordan, as Pippen and Hunter had to rely upon other factors (or factions) to get them to the top.

Number 2: Randy Orton & Chris Paul

Two very accomplished athletes who got over with the fans, prove to have that killer instinct, make the team/company they are working for better, and many different things like that. “The Viper” Randy Orton is crafty, logical, and does things perfectly timed that not too many wrestlers can pull off. He has climbed to the top to defeat big names and he has seen it all.

Same with Chris Paul, Paul has risen to the top of beating out the best of the best in hopes of achieving a championship. Paul is a killer in the mid-range, has every move he does perfectly timed-out and executed, and he strikes when the time is right. Both men have an instinct about them that is undeniably epic, their instinctive killer-like mentality.

When talking about facing the best of the best, they have. Orton faced the likes of The Undertaker, John Cena, Triple H, AJ Styles, Kane, Daniel Bryan, and other wrestlers such as those listed. Paul has faced many great ones too. He faced Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Stephen Curry, Giannis, Kevin Durant, and many other notable players.

Even when working in factions, they have made them exponentially better. Randy Orton in Evolution, put them on the map by being an edgy, cocky wrestler that was young and paving his own path of greatness. Chris Paul with the Phoenix Suns, leading them in the hopes of a title and pure greatness.

Their mentality is the number one similarity they have between each other; that have gotten them many accolades that boosted their confidence, resume, and their popularity with the fans. They have a killer instinct that is so power it can win them games, matches, whatever it may be. The fans love it so you know it’s gotta be good.

Number 1: Roman Reigns & LeBron James

When you think of these two athletes it is very conflicting. Get a room full of a hundred people and half will say they like this guy and the other half will say that they don’t like this guy. That is the persona of Reigns and LeBron; two guys that the room is split on, despite being so good.

LeBron has been carrying the NBA since Jordan left and Kobe was in his final years; and Reigns have been carrying the WWE since Brock Lesnar and other notable names stepped down for Roman Reigns to come through and be the “Tribal Chief.” Their moves are unmatched and epic to witness as it destroys their opponents without fail.

They can either be baby faces or heels and it still wouldn’t matter, they just wouldn’t be liked by half of the people hearing and watching them. But one thing that is undeniable, that is understood throughout the entire room. The physical attributes of these two superhuman’s.

Their athletic abilities have put them over and have seen what many wrestlers want to be but can’t. Nobody the size of these two guys should move and act the way they do, it is simply incomprehensible to witness that take place. These athletes are presented as bigger than life themselves as the stuff they do in and outside of the sport they represent is incredible.

Plus, let’s not forget the defining struggles these athletes went through just to make it to their very best – to the top of WWE or the NBA. That has earned them championships, awards, and accolades of all kind.

They have had a long, prosperous career and it is still going. That is the amazing part. Pushed from the very beginning has led to successes, failures, criticisms, and praises.

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