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What To Know About The New CBA

What To Know About The New CBA

What To Know About The New CBA

Both the NBA and the NBPA have signed the new Collective Bargaining Agreement. This means there won’t be another lockdown in the foreseeable future, like the one back in 2011-2012. With that said, here’s what to know about the new CBA.

Before we jump into the major details, some housekeeping to get everyone caught up. Firstly, this deal will run through the 2029-30 season. Secondly, this deal will take effect come this weekend – to be more exact, it will take effect Saturday (June 30th). Lastly, as I mentioned previously, there will be no worries regarding a future lockout – people around basketball can focus on basketball again.

With the housekeeping getting everything tight and right, let’s jump into the CBA and the new changes/additions that have been made.

The In-Season Tournament

By far, this is the biggest change under the new CBA. Commissioner Adam Silver has proposed this idea before and it has finally come to reality. The in-season tournament will be featuring all 30 teams and will be played in the first two months of the regular season.

Following the group stage, eight teams will advance to the knockout round. Players on the final four teams will be financially compensated, currently, that number is unknown on how much players will be receiving. However, it could be a tier system.

Aside from the championship game, the games played in this tournament will count towards the 82-game schedule.

The purpose of adding the in-season tournament is to make the game more exciting and add a new level of competitive fire to teams/players. Plus, give the fans something new to experience so that they aren’t bored watching 82 games before the postseason.

First & Second Apron

There will be a second salary-cap apron about $10 million higher than the first apron in this new agreement. The first apron is set at $172.3 million with the second apron set to $182.8 million.

The purpose of the second salary-cap apron is to limit the National Basketball Association’s biggest spending teams. Due to them trying to limit big spending, if teams do go over the second apron, then they’ll lose their taxpayer mid-level exception.


The anti-drug testing program has been updated with marijuana being removed as a substance that could get players fined and/or suspended.

This topic has been up for debate as players thought it would be fine to use marijuana, whether for personal use or for medical use, the NBA has come to the conclusion that it isn’t a drug they’ll be looking for in players’ bodies.

Individual Player Awards

Awards such as the MVP, DPOY, 6MOY, and even All-NBA will now require players to play at least 65 games for eligibility.

The NBA hopes this curves load management and that it will force players to want to play more and try to play harder to win those awards. The league is hoping this entices fans to watch more as well.

Number Of Two-Way Players On A Roster

The number has been changed from two to three, which means it’ll give franchises another roster spot to potentially sign players too.

Spending Rules Updated

Each team must spend at least 90% of the salary cap by the first day of the regular season. This was something not found in the old CBA, the new CBA makes it very clear of the spending rules and obligations to its teams.

If teams fail to meet this requirement, then they’ll only be able to receive 50% of the luxury tax distribution at the end of the season. Also, there is a minimum salary charge applied to team salary at the start of the season.

Plus, starting in 2024-25, teams who are below the floor at the start of the season will receive $0 dollars in tax distribution.


The CBA is a 676-page agreement that can be found here: *Read More*

This article today was to go over the more important, and impacting, updates to the CBA and how it will affect both the league and its fans next season.

CourtSideHeat will be releasing a podcast episode tomorrow addressing the start of free agency and the CBA.

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