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Why the Suns *SHOULD* sign Reggie Jackson

Why the Suns *SHOULD* sign Reggie Jackson

Why the Suns *SHOULD* sign Reggie Jackson

Why the Suns *SHOULD* sign Reggie Jackson

The Phoenix Suns were busy on the 8th/9th, they traded away many pieces to acquire Kevin Durant and then made a minor trade by trading Dario Saric to the Thunder for Darius Bazley. However, today is a new day, that was the NBA Trade Deadline, teams are now dealing with the buyout market.

The Mavericks are targeting Terrence Ross, the Bulls and the Clippers are targeting Russell Westbrook, but what about the Suns? They do have interest in several players, reportedly, but the one that caught my attention (along with everyone else’s attention) was Reggie Jackson.

Reggie Jackson, former Los Angeles Clipper, is a free agent. Phoenix dumped off some of their team to get Kevin Durant, leaving their bench with a few holes, does those holes get filled by Jackson? While many people are saying to look at Patrick Beverley and John Wall, I am going to recommend against those players and suggest the Suns get Reggie Jackson.

Why should the Suns sign Reggie Jackson? I’m going to give you the reasons why:

Scoring and having quality players coming off the bench will be paramount for the Suns. The starting lineup is pretty solid, however, it can’t manage night in and night out to get the job done if the bench is lacking in certain areas.

Defensively, the Suns are fine. That isn’t their biggest concern; their biggest concern is the bench and questioning their productivity on the offensive side of the ball. That is why you sign the 32-year-old.

What does he possess that the Suns can utilize?

In about four seasons with the Clippers, he has averaged 12.8 points per game, 3.0 rebounds and 3.8 assists with shooting coming at 41.4% from the field and 36.4% from the three-point line. Plus, he is an experienced wing player that has knowledge of the postseason – as a starter and as a bench player.

His playoff readiness and down the stretch playability has made him one of the top point guards on the market currently. Phoenix can definitely use his playability, experience, etc, to make sure the bench doesn’t get ran off the court in the regular and postseason season.

Looking how the Suns bench performs on paper and in real life, adding Jackson will give a tremendous boost of confidence and play that will make the Suns harder to stop.

Jackson has proven the past couple of seasons that he can handle a big role and a bench role, he’ll go beyond the limits to ensure his team is benefited from his play.

Suns also need that player that can average 12/3/4 per game, why? Because not many of the Suns players, like Landry Shamet, are consistent enough to give the Suns that – especially if in the postseason. Jackson provides stability and reassurance that the bench can perform to a high level.

Will he be as productive with the Suns as he was with the Clippers, if his role changes?

His role will change simply due to the team, and coaching staff, he is on and working with. However, I don’t see his production levels dropping; in fact, his productivity will stay the same or even increase slightly because how the Suns will use him.

Phoenix wants to give players the best opportunities to succeed for themselves and for the team, so I have no doubt the Suns will make adjustments to fit the style of Jackson. With that being said, Jackson’s style and the Suns’ style is pretty similar.

The Suns bench will definitely grow with Reggie Jackson added. Adding to that, this potential signing would push the Suns further into the conversation of being an elite team come the postseason and NBA Finals. Having a strong starting five and a strong bench goes a long way, it can make or break a championship run.

If he is signed, will the Suns make a smaller move for their bench?

I believe that if Phoenix signs Reggie Jackson, then they may make one smaller move. Probably a player that will sit on the bench most games, maybe less than 3 minutes of play, and be an assurance player if the Suns need to rest a lot of players or players begin to get hurt again.

Trust me, Phoenix knows what it is like to have your entire team to be out due to injury.

Their main signing will be Reggie Jackson and their smaller signing will be a worst-case-scenario player.

Wrapping up why the Suns should get Reggie Jackson:

A good piece to add to this Suns bench will be critical for James Jones and Mat Ishbia. That is why I am campaigning for the signing of Reggie Jackson.

He will be a valuable piece in the role he is given and what he can produce on a nightly basis. Jackson and the Suns both have mutual interest and I believe a deal for the remainder of the season can be accomplished.

Personally, I believe it is only a matter of time until we see Reggie Jackson in the purple and orange.

CourtSideHeat will continuously be updating the news on the Suns, and other teams, during this buyout market period.

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