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Should DeAndre Ayton be traded?

The reality is that the Suns could of had Luka Doncic instead of DeAndre Ayton, but we didn’t. Ayton has been having a shaky season after coming off is first season averaging 16 points and 10 rebounds, but that’s not the problem. The problem is that he was suspended for 25 games for the use of PED’s then been struggling with an ankle injury, and to be honest he hasn’t looked the same.

He’s been average, so this begs the question: should he be traded? He’s averaging 10 points a game and 11 rebounds this season but only played 10 out of 40, 25 with suspension and the other 5 ankle injuries. But who would you get if you traded him?

Getting rid of the big won’t help you unless you get another big man to replace him, but who would it be? We kinda have a point guard in Ricky Rubio so that helps, but besides that we need Ayton to step up after missing 30 games.

Karl Anthony Towns has been questionable to be traded to Phoenix, but those are just rumors. The team says they are still committed to revolve the team around him, this is really tricky because if Ayton doesn’t start stepping up then they could start shopping him.

To me, I think he will start getting 17-20 points a game. If not then he will be there for defensive stops, rebounds, blocks, and then the points. Now let me remind everyone that he is starting off the bench, so does that mean something? It has been reported that he has meet with the Suns Management, so always look out for something.

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