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Luka Doncic injured with a sprained ankle!

Luka Doncic injured with a sprained ankle!

Luka Doncic injured with a sprained ankle!

Luka Doncic injured with a sprained ankle! We saw last night that Maverick’s own Luka Doncic went down with an injury, that injury? The injury would be that he sprained his left ankle.

Doncic left in the fourth quarter during the Mass-Clips game; the final total of that game resulted in the Mavericks losing 130-122 to the Clippers. Now, it did appear that Doncic was going to be okay when he returned. Sadly, he was exited for good as he was limping/hobbling on the court. The team, shortly afterwards, announced he wouldn’t be coming back.

This is what Luka Doncic said on the injury he suffered:

“It’s not that bad,” said Doncic, who missed a total of 11 games this season due to twice spraining his right ankle. “Honestly, I had luck it’s my left ankle. It’s not my right. It’s a little sprained. We’ll know more tomorrow.”

His injury happened when he was guarding Kawhi Leonard, he rolled his ankle when Leonard was driving to the basket. He immediately grabbed his left ankle, and he was helped off the court. This happened when it had 3:58 remaining in the third quarter.

This is what Rick Carlisle had to say about next game and if Luka will be there:

“The game is early Sunday, which doesn’t help things, but we’ll see,” Dallas coach Rick Carlisle said. “We’ve got every advanced treatment modality that you can have, as every team here does. We’ll see how this responds in the next 36 hours.”

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