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Ja Morant

No Timetable for Ja Morant’s Return

No Timetable for Ja Morant's Return

No Timetable for Ja Morant’s Return

No Timetable for Ja Morant’s Return

Don’t expect him to be ready for Thursday’s game against the Warriors, it isn’t looking good for Morant.

Everyone keeps saying that Morant is going to take time to heal and to grow from this situation; so that ultimately means that no one has an idea when that process is going to finish and get him back onto a basketball court.

Makes sense why it was put as “at least two games”, here is what Taylor Jenkins has to say about this situation involving Ja Morant:

“He understands he’s made some difficult decisions and poor choices in the past that he’s got to account for,” Jenkins said. “He’s definitely embracing the mistakes that he’s made but only time will tell. We’re going to support him and we’re going to hold him accountable to make those changes.”

The league is investigating him and the social media video that saw him in a nightclub with a gun after their game against the Nuggets in Denver.

If the league finds any wrongdoings, then expect fines and/or a suspension.

Ja Morant’s name has been mentioned a lot recently and the NBA has a lot of material to go through to see if this man did anything wrong.

CourtSideHeat will continue to update this story as it unfolds.

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