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OPINION: MyPlayer Templates Is The Biggest Advantage EVER

OPINION: MyPlayer Templates Is The Biggest Advantage EVER

OPINION: MyPlayer Templates Is The Biggest Advantage EVER

OPINION: MyPlayer Templates Is The Biggest Advantage EVER

So you wanna have the biggest advantage in the game that isn’t cheap or incredibly casual? Not only do I have the answer, but NBA2K24 has it as a part of their MyPlayer Builder.

People, like me, have always assembled their builds from scratch in hopes of having the three best shades of different players, being able to beat the CPU and real humans, and a bunch of other reasons.

It got complicated though, like myself, there are people out there who struggle to make the best two-way player that won’t lack in a major/minor area of the game. It was never a balance, in fact, there was always a power struggle between balance and imbalance.

I love shooting and playmaking, right? But my build always lacked the fundamental skills of defense, or I would get killed defensively because of my size and/or abilities to defend my opponent.

When it comes to builds, we understand the basics of it. Yes, but what if there was another way of doing it? Good news, and by this title of the article, 2K has given us the solution to our issue.

The power of MyPlayer Templates

These templates are designed to help users create builds faster, based on the players themselves, and jump into the action on the court much sooner. Plus, in my opinion, these templates can give us a basis for how to be a certain player type and succeed in our league.

For example, let’s say you wanted to be a small forward and you like the template of Mikal Bridges. He is a two-way swingman who can not only shoot but play incredible defense and finish in the transition. You select the template and now have something to go off of.

In short, that’s the powerful gain of these templates. They give you the canvas and an idea of who you want to be and convey it to the build for maximum success.

Here’s another reason why MP Build Templates are so uniquely powerful

You can customize these builds, any builds. Do you like Jimmy Butler’s build or Deandre Ayton’s build? Great, the choice is now between accepting it as is or going in and making customizations to be fully satisfied.

You’ll not only have the advantage of being an actual NBA player, but you can also customize it more to your liking. So, in short, you’ll always have a great basis for a solid build and then make it more overpowered with your judgments and assessments.

REMEMBER! Animation packages will be with the builds

If you like certain animations of a certain build, then this build customizer is for you. However, just take into account, that you won’t get these packages IF you customize the build. You must keep the build as is to get the animations and other perks that are with the player.

Now, if you don’t care about certain animations then this section doesn’t apply to you. Users will now have the ability to model their MP around a certain player, which has never been seen before. Plus, being able to customize is beyond fun and useful.


MyPlayer Templates will probably be one of the greatest features to exist in this game as this was a huge addition to the creation aspect of MyCareer and the MP Builder.

I honestly believe this addition will be a fun addition because you get to experiment with any build and go further than what you hoped. This could be on your first build, second build, or really build.

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