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Our take on NBA incorporating the MCU Universe into the game!

Our take on NBA incorporating the MCU Universe into the game!

Our take on NBA incorporating the MCU Universe into the game!

Our take on NBA incorporating the MCU Universe into the game!

Man, oh, man… whether you hate the NBA for their woke, China-bowing, LeBron-loving ways it does not matter. Put politics aside, that is not why sports were created nor what CourtSideHeat was created. We have just learned some of the picks for the NBA’s MCU Universe, plus what game it will debut.

First of all, to start with the background, the Marvel-themed will take place when the Warriors face the Pelicans. Which is actually tonight, Monday. This game will be aired on ESPN, ESPN 1, and ESPN Spanish version. This game will feature so many talent players from Zion, Ingram, and even Ball to Curry, Green, and Oubre. Some of their starters are hurt like Wiseman, or we would have included him as a superpower.

Now we are adding superheroes, villains, and all the magical wonders from Marvel. This will bring an exciting flare to the game, something of a pop. Something, well, heroic. I personally can’t wait to watch tonight as the game kicks off at 4:30 PM AZ time.

The Arena of Heroes will kick off with Captain America, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, and so many more. I can’t wait to watch, I recommend you guys to watch. Especially if you guys are fans of Marvel or even the NBA, well who ever is left of the NBA.

But the player, or their personally hero, who has the most points from the scoring list of anything they score on defense or offense will be recorded. Also, missed shots will go against them. Whoever wins gets to stand right next to the heroes themselves, if recalled correctly.

Who are you taking?

This is the epic question, which superstar are you taking? The team? Also, who is your favorite superhero or even villain? Let us know by @ing as on social media to start a conversation and get to be sponsored today!

Remember, this is not being political. Well, we’re not. As this is suppose to be something amazing and I believe this will pull in some more audiences of all types of fans; like in Disney, Marvel, superheroes in general, and even the NBA. This is great marketing of all ages, let’s see how this goes!

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