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Revealed list of NBA2K23 teams and players ratings

Revealed list of NBA2K23 teams and players ratings

Revealed list of NBA2K23 teams and players ratings

Revealed list of NBA2K23 teams and players ratings

Devin Booker is the 2K Cover Athlete as life is good, unless you are a guy who hates the success of an underdog. With the game releasing on 9/9, September 9th of this year, CourtSideHeat has decided to put together a list of ratings released of players and teams.

How the list will go is by starting with the higher overalls and then going down to the lower overalls. But before actual releases happen, CourtSideHeat wants to have a prediction of what these overalls are going to be. I believe it will be fun and interesting to break down the top 25 players and an overall for each of the top five teams in the NBA.

Let’s begin the list with the highest overall:

1. Stephen Curry – 99

Curry has gone up in popularity and should expect a rating boost by winning the championship and winning the Finals MVP. In NBA2K22, Curry was a 96; I believe he can become an 99 just by winning the championship and the FMVP alone. Also, he would be the only 99 in this entire game – besides Jordan if you get that edition.

2. Giannis Antetokounmpo – 97

The Greek Freak is one of the top players in the NBA, one of the most dominant players in the NBA; that automatically puts him at a 97 overall, why? Because he took them to a championship, won that, and then last season was tough but he still took them to the postseason. Stats, the championship, and everything Giannis has done makes him a solid 97 overall.

Last season he was a 96 overall, I believe he can be bumped up an overall.

3. Kevin Durant – 97

Durant should be an 97 after his good season with many difficulties when it came to him and to Brooklyn. With all these struggles, though, Kevin Durant was able to still perform and be one of the top players in the league. That is why he deserves to be that overall. His last overall, in NBA2K22, he was a 96 overall. Like Giannis, his overall should go up despite the struggles their teams had.

4. Luka Doncic – 96

Doncic has been having a career and it has continued last season – taking his team to new heights by taking them deep into the NBA Playoffs. It has been a wonder to see as Doncic was the main orchestrator that season as that is seemingly going to continue for years to come. Him winning awards, winning headlines (and games), and now adding stats will be why I am giving him a 96 overall.

His overall in NBA2K22 was a 95.

5. Nikola Jokic – 96

Coming off of back-to-back MVP seasons, leading his team in mind-blowing ways, and one of the top playmakers of the NBA, is why he deserves this overall. Despite the team failing when it comes to injuries and getting back on track; Jokic has been one of the top players on that team and has been scoring, passing, and rebounding hard. He’s electrifying and deserves to be this overall.

His NBA2K22 overall was a 96. Keeping his overall the same makes sense because he didn’t do too much that would make us consider him to be an overall better or worse.

We are now going to do a list of just the overall for the remaining twenty players

6. Joel Embiid – 96

7. LeBron James – 95

8. Kawhi Leonard – 95

9. Jayson Tatum – 95

10. Jimmy Butler – 94

11. Ja Morant – 94

12. James Harden – 94

13. Damian Lillard – 94

14. Devin Booker – 93

15. Trae Young – 91

16. Paul George – 90

17. Anthony Davis – 88

18. Karl-Anthony Towns – 87

19. Rudy Gobert – 87

20. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander – 86

21. Donovan Mitchell – 86

22. Zach LaVine – 85

23. Bradley Beal – 83

24. Dejounte Murray – 82

25. LaMelo Ball – 82

Top team overalls:

1. Golden State Warriors – 86

2. Boston Celtics – 85

3. Phoenix Suns – 84

4. Milwaukee Bucks – 83

5. Chicago Bulls – 83


This was a short, comprehensive list of the top players and their potential overalls. Plus, the same goes for the top five teams of the NBA currently. I believe these overalls are subject to change as we will continue to analyze, create bigger lists, and see what happens before this game is released and the start of a new season for the National Basketball Association.

Next list, which will be in the next two weeks or so, will be look at the top 50 players and entire league of teams and what their overalls should be.

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