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Serge Ibaka undergoes surgery – missing rest of the playoffs!

Serge Ibaka undergoes surgery - missing rest of the playoffs!

Serge Ibaka undergoes surgery – missing rest of the playoffs!

Serge Ibaka undergoes surgery – missing rest of the playoffs! The ClipJoint will be doing it without their big man as he is done for the remainder of the postseason; It has been announced that Ibaka underwent back surgery Thursday. Before this back surgery, he previously missed 30 games due to back injuries. Finally, he gets a surgery because whatever it was is being operated on.

Here is what the man himself had to say about this surgery!

“There is nothing I would love more than being on the court helping my brothers and trying to win a championship for #ClipperNation,” Ibaka posted on Instagram. “It’s been a very tough season, I worked very hard to be back in time for the Playoffs but sometimes injuries get in the way and health has to be a priority. I appreciate all the love and support from everyone and now I have my mindset on supporting my team and getting healthy and ready for next season.”

Now Kawhi Leonard will be going in cold against the Jazz – already down 2-0 and returning back to L.A. Good news is he has his sidekick, Paul George, and he is ready to complete the comeback. If he completes the comeback than this will be back-to-back series where he was down 2-0 and came back and won it. First time? The Mavericks. Yep, the team forced a game seven and they won it all.

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