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Rudy Gobert wins DOPY Award for the THIRD TIME!

Rudy Gobert wins DOPY Award for the THIRD TIME!

Rudy Gobert wins DOPY Award for the THIRD TIME!

Rudy Gobert wins DOPY Award for the THIRD TIME! Gobert has done the impossible, which is now the possible, and is in an elite group of players. Why? Because he has won the Defensive Player Of The Year Award for three times in his career; one in 2018 and then in 2019. Finally, it hit home for the Jazz and Gobert as he won it this season.

He pretty much dominated the voting polls, how? Well, he got 84 out of the 100 first-place votes. Simmons came in second place with 14 and Bam Adebayo had one. He joins in an exclusive club as only three other players have been able to do it, pretty incredible.

Rookie of the year is still left to be handed out, as well as the All-Rookie, All-Defensive and All-NBA Teams.

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