Nate Bjorkgren fired as Pacer's head coach!

Nate Bjorkgren fired as Pacer’s head coach!

Nate Bjorkgren fired as Pacer’s head coach!

Nate Bjorkgren fired as Pacer’s head coach! The Pacers have relieved him of his duties of coaching as the team met with him today to discuss the direction they wanted to go; after one year of Bjorkgren being HC, they part ways. Bjorkgren wasn’t even a year into his three-year contract and it was a disastrous season to say the least.

Let’s break it down. It is not that complicated, actually, as the veteran team and Nate Bjorkgren did not get along very well. Why? Because he did not get along well with a lot of the players on the team and he was not mentally prepared for the challenge. Meaning, his anger issues got in the way. The two factors that played into that was anger and disconnection, truly. That was a destructive year as they missed the playoffs, ultimately ending their streak.

With Bjorkgren out as HC, that leaves him with a bunch of other guys in the mix. Such as Jason Kidd, Lloyd Pierce, Mike D’Antoni (assistant HC for Nets), Scott Brooks, Stott, and even more assistant head coaches and regular head coaches ready to join a team.

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