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Jaylen Brown has made his mind up about Boston

Jaylen Brown has made his mind up about Boston

Jaylen Brown has made his mind up about Boston

Jaylen Brown has made his mind up about Boston

A lot has occurred since Kevin Durant requested a trade out of Brooklyn. The Suns were his number destination, people were losing it, that didn’t happen immediately, people got impatient, and that is when things got interesting. How so? Well, Toronto got involved as the Raptors wanted to see if they could acquire the future HoFer. But there was a roadblock, that roadblock being Scottie Barnes.

They didn’t want to give up Barnes and that ultimately slowed down the process and put those conversations to a halt. Now, fast-forwarding through the weeks after that, we come to find out that the Boston Celtics are ready to make a play for Kevin Durant. Talks pursued for some time as they were rumored to be floating around, seeing what was going to happen.

The Celtics offered Jaylen Brown, Derrick White, and 1st round pick for Kevin Durant. Brooklyn countered by asking for Marcus Smart and an additional draft pick along with the original offer Boston sent them.

Now we are in present times, but this is a difficult time for Boston. How so?

Jaylen Brown is affected by these recent reports

That was his reaction when all these rumors and reports were coming out that the Celtics were fine trading away their second-best player last season. It probably came as a shock to him after he led, alongside Jayson Tatum, the Celtics to the NBA Finals and became a critical piece of that team.

Along with other things, those are the two main achievements/outliners from last season. So we can all see why Brown would be affected by it, but what was his decision about Boston, and how does he feel about the organization?

It was kind of shocking, to say the least

Reports came out today that Jaylen Brown wants to remain in Boston. He has no desire to leave the team. Despite the trade talks involving him and Kevin Durant, Brown 100% wants to stay with the Celtics. Jaylen Brown even denied that he wouldn’t be re-signing with the team when his contract expired in 2024.

That came when Jermaine Wiggins previously claimed Brown told him he wouldn’t re-sign with the Celtics in 2024. Needless to say, the 25-year-old denied those claims.

Jaylen Brown is considered one of the best two-way wings in the NBA and he has no intentions of leaving Boston. So, if Boston doesn’t decide to pull the cord, you will be seeing more from the duo of Tatum and Brown.

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