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Kawhi Leonard ruled out for today’s game!

Kawhi Leonard ruled out for today's game!

Kawhi Leonard ruled out for today’s game!

Kawhi Leonard ruled out for today’s game! Just right before the Cavs-Clippers game, we were informed by many sources that Leonard is ruled out for today’s game. Yep, you read that correctly the Clip-Joint is going into this one ugly and dis formed.

With 40 minutes before tip-off the Clippers will be without Paul George and Kawhi Leonard as both are battling injuries. We were informed that the Clippers own Kawhi Leonard is battling a leg contusion. This is for the lower left leg.

Also, for Cleveland. Andre Drummond is sitting out of tonight’s game for, I believe, no injuries are involved. However, this could be for trade talks involving the big-man.

How did Kawhi get injured?

“I’m not quite sure when it happened,” Lue said before facing Cleveland. “Or when he is going to be back.”

That is the current timetable, but he does think it did happen during their two-game road series. One against Chicago and one against Minnesota.

No timetable for Leonard, George is missing his fifth game with a swollen right toe, and Drummond is for trade purposes.

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