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LeBron James gives respect to Anthony Davis

Jeanie Buss, Lakers owner, have been excited about this Lakers season because this season breaks the drought of 6 years of not going to the playoffs. You can thank Anthony Davis for creating disruption on other team’s defense.

“In order to get a great talent like Anthony Davis, you have to give up something great,” Buss said. “But to have Anthony Davis as a Laker really is just … he’s even more impressive than I ever thought he would be. And so, it’s exciting what we have.”

Then a night later when the Lakers played the 76ers Davis went off for 37 points, 13 rebounds, 4 steals, 2 assists, and 2 blocks. That has certainly gotten the attention of LeBron James and how this franchise could be using him next season.

“AD was going nuts,” LeBron James said. “It was fun.”

“It’s everything I expected and more,” James said. “Obviously, that’s why I wanted him here. When you get a generational talent like that and you got an opportunity to get him, you just try to do whatever you can to get him.

“I gave my opinion on what I thought he could bring to this franchise. I gave my thoughts about the player — but not only the player, the person. Hopefully, they took my advice to heart. And obviously, ultimately they made the decision to do what we did in the offseason. It’s no surprise to me.”

“I already knew how incredible the guy is,” James continued. “He had 50 [points] in the All-Star Game. You know, 30s, 20s, 40s and 20s he had when he was with the Pelicans and just doing the things he was doing at that size, there’s not too many guys who have done that in this league.”

This is what Frank Vogel had to say about Davis:

“I think you’ve seen a little bit of a different Anthony Davis this whole season than we’ve seen in his prior stop in New Orleans,” Lakers coach Frank Vogel said after Tuesday’s victory extended his team’s Western Conference-leading record to 47-13. “I don’t know if it’s different today than it’s been most of the season. Ultimately, I think we’re going to see it when we get to the playoffs.”

Even though Davis had a monstrous night on offense he wanted to talk about his defense:

“It started with the defensive end, coming out and just being hungry defensively and making the right plays,” said Davis, whom teammates and coaching staff have been touting as the NBA Defensive Player of the Year for months. “And then that leads to our offense; and once one guy got it going, kind of contagious and we all just got it going on offense. But it started with our stops.”

He has been putting on an MVP performance plus putting on an Defensive Play of the Year performance, he should be winning one of those two as even the Lakers and everyone around the league has been thinking of him as Defensive Player of the Year.

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