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DeAndre Jordan has tested positive for Coronavirus!



DeAndre Jordan Coronavirus COVID-19 restart season Spencer Dinwiddie

DeAndre Jordan has tested positive for Coronavirus!

DeAndre Jordan has tested positive for Coronavirus! The Nets center DeAndre Jordan road to making his way towards the restart season has ended.

DeAndre Jordan said he found out he tested positive for COVID-19 Sunday and Monday, this is the full statement he said on Twitter:

“Found out last night and confirmed again today that I’ve tested positive for Covid while being back in market. As a result of this, I will not be in Orlando for the resumption of the season.”

DeAndre Jordan talking about his COVID-19 tests to Twitter

Nets player gets the Coronavirus while one opts out of the restart season!

The Nets are falling apart, without Jordan and Kyrie (Kyrie due to injuries) it has become a drag to the finish. Other Nets player caught the Coronavirus, his name is Spencer Dinwiddie.

Spencer Dinwiddie, the team’s starting guard, has announced that he got the virus a while back. Then, Nets forward Wilson Chandler informed the nets that he is skipping the restart season.

So, basically, with no KD, Kyrie, Dinwiddie, and Jordan the Nets are stranded on an island to that they can not get off. At this point, since the season hasn’t even started, this could be a blowout, no-pointer for the Nets as they could lose each game.

This is considering the fact that they got to play up against:

  • (1st game) The Magic
  • (2nd game) The Wizards
  • (3rd game) The Bucks
  • (4th game) The Celtics
  • (5th game) The Kings
  • (6th game) The Clippers
  • (7th game) The Magic
  • (8th game) The Trail-Blazers

To be honest, this is going to be a tough stretch. Hopefully, they can at least win a few, or at least keep it somewhat entertaining. At this rate the Nets are going, their team could be dismantled before the season even starts.

What do you guys think? Do you guys think they’ll at least win a few games? Sound off in the comments below!

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Kevin Durant’s return to the NBA is unlikely!




The probability of Kevin Durant, Brooklyn Nets player, returning this summer is highly unlikely due to the fact that he has a ruptured Achilles. To confirm things his long time business partner Rich Kleiman has said it is very unlikely for him to return this summer and help push the Nets into a playoff push.

“Honestly, not very realistic from my standpoint, and not even spoken about,” Kleiman said.

When he was playing with the Warriors last season he tore his Achilles in the NBA Finals against the Raptors, the Nets general manager Sean Marks also confirmed saying he will be missing this season due to the injury.

Since the NBA is on-hold right now due to the coronavirus, or COVID-19, it is not expected to re-open until mid to late June. That is the best timeline for the NBA season currently.

Now what is interesting is the fact that Durant’s 12-month recovery would be June but his partner Kleiman wants to be conservative about his injury:

“It feels like (Durant playing in the 2019-20 season) clearly was not something that was in the cards prior to all this,” Kleiman said. “And now, I think just like the rest of the world, it’s hard to take anything more than day by day.

“I think that Kevin is going to figure out the space that he needs to be in to continue to rehab during this time. But even that is hard to answer at this point, with the new kind of rules that were put in place last night.”

The good news for Durant is that when he is healthy again, probably next season, he will be able to play with DeAndre Jordan and Kyrie Irving again. When he does return, along with Kyrie, they will be a force to reckon with on the court.

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Dion Waiters signed by Lakers




When the Lakers made it official of waiving Troy Daniels they knew they would be signing JR Smith or Dion Waiters, both players worked out for the Lakers but rumors were speculating that it would be Waiters getting signed.

Every conversation that Waiters, his agent, and the Lakers had were reported positive. Waiters have been signed for the remainder of the season.

Even though Waiters has been struggling throughout his career with injuries and suspensions he still has been putting up double-digit points each year.

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Giannis on LeBron: “It’s amazing. He’s 35 and playing at a high level.”




Even though Giannis Antetokounmpo and LeBron James are competitors on the court and were competitors in the NBA All-Star game, Antetokounmpo has said that he is inspired that LeBron James is still able to keep up with the game of basketball plus still be electrifying.

“It’s amazing. He’s 35 and playing at a high level,” Antetokounmpo said Wednesday as his Milwaukee Bucks prepared to face James’ Los Angeles Lakers on Friday. “He just leads the path for us.

“A lot of times we think that, ‘OK, we’re going to retire at 35,’ but seeing a guy at 35 being still top-three best player in the world, that makes us want to be there. Makes me want to be there one day, so I’ve got to keep taking care of my body, eating the right way, being healthy, and as I said — he paved the way, and hopefully we can just follow.”

With the Bucks and Lakers facing each other off tomorrow Giannis will be deleting social media to keep himself mentally prepared, because all he and his team wants to do is be laser-focused on LeBron and the Lakers. The Bucks will not be practicing today, just as a side-note.

“Obviously, they’re gonna try to get payback. We beat ’em pretty bad,” Bucks guard Eric Bledsoe said. “They’re gonna try to come out strong, so we just gotta match their intensity. They’re at the top for a reason — they’ve got two of the best players in the league and a great supporting cast. So we just gotta try to match their intensity.”

Said Khris Middleton: “I don’t want to put too much on it. … There are so many things that go into it. We just can’t say it’s going to be a Finals preview. We have to go step by step, not skipping anything. Hopefully we get there. Who knows if they’ll get there.”

The Bucks and the Lakers have the best records in their conferences and with the Bucks winning their last meeting, 111-104, the Lakers will be hoping to put an end to Giannis and the Bucks tomorrow. All Giannis is concerned about is how to stop the two best players in the league currently.

“Just go there and just play good basketball. As I said, the Lakers are gonna come play hard. We know that. I watched the game last night. They played extremely hard. They played through Anthony Davis, LeBron was facilitating, guys were shooting the ball, they were running to the corner, they were playing good basketball,” Antetokounmpo said. “And they lost the first game, so they’re gonna come out and try to win the second one.

“But at the end of the day, we gotta do what we do, which is defend and run to the corner and run to our spots, move the ball, take the open shot, make the right play, drive the lanes. We’ve done this two years now — a year and a half, almost two years — and things take care of itself. So as a leader, I just gotta do that, and as a team, we just gotta stay on track.”

So don’t miss tomorrow as it will be a thriller against the Greek Freak and “The King” LeBron James.

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