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The top 3 James Harden Trade packages that will leave ANY team speechless!

The top 3 James Harden Trade packages that will leave ANY team speechless!

The top 3 James Harden Trade packages that will leave ANY team speechless!

The top 3 James Harden Trade packages that will leave ANY team speechless!

We know the whole deal with what has been happening between the Nets and Harden. The fallout is real as Harden wants to win and a part-time player, Kyrie Irving, and a great, but injured a lot, player, Kevin Durant, is not going to cut it. No matter how spectacular both men are, James Harden may want out. He already said he would come back to Brooklyn, but he would first test out his free agency appeal and who wants him. He said if the road leads back to Brooklyn, then he will come back.

That doesn’t sound like a team-player, now does it? But, honestly, who blames him? This (quote-on-quote) Big-3 has been very lackluster, sadly. Injuries, COVID, restrictions, and everything else has prohibited these three players from giving the NBA World the best performance ever.

So where does that leave the Nets, Harden, and us fans now? Well, the Philadelphia 76ers could be the front-runner to land Harden. Harden was originally not available for trade, however, two weeks later (if that) we find out Harden is indeed available and teams can actively pursue him. Daryl Morey is the general manager of Philly, what does that exactly mean? He had a great relationship with James Harden when they both were working in Houston for the Rockets. That is very interesting.

Question, why wouldn’t the 76ers just wait until this offseason’s free agency?

This is a fair and valid question, but let’s break it down in simple terms. Simply, Harden is available for free agency next offseason. Yes, but when it comes to money… money speaks louder.

A trade between the 76ers and Nets would be perfect, why? Due to the fact that Philadelphia wants to get rid of Ben Simmons and the contract of Tobias Harris. One of the worst signed contracts ever offered by the 76ers. This will be a great gateway to see if the Nets would be interested in having two good-to-very-good players on their squad. Imagine Simmons, Irving, Durant, and Griffin all on the same team? Something to consider.

Brooklyn could offer Patty Mills (who wants out), James Harden, some other player, and maybe a draft pick or two that has high value. That would be very interesting as both sides would probably be interested.

For Philly, it is better for them to do the trade than free agency as it will allow to create flexility within their cap space and allow themselves to be ridden of burdens such as Ben Simmons. Good player, very unprofessional. However, do not let that take away from what he has been able to do and not been able to do in his basketball career.

Allow for money flexibility, more draft picks, and having good players; who wouldn’t want that? That seems like a match made in Heaven. Truly.

With all that being said, and giving the context behind the meaning of these predicted trades, let us get into the top three trade packages for James Harden.

Number Three: Wizards and Nets

Nets get: Montrezl Harrell, KCP, Bradley Beal, 2025 first-rounder, and 2027 second-rounder

Wizards get: James Harden, Patty Mills, and 2026 second-rounder

This is the perfect trade as Bradley Beal can finally leave Washington and have a fresh beginning with a new team. Plus, his potentially new team is not in the rebuild mode. Imagine the likes of Kyrie Irving, Bradley Beal, and Kevin Durant. How about that new Big-3? Should be pretty interesting, including the two other players and the two valuable picks.

That, to me, does not get any better. Upgrading each position, strengthening the big-men spot and making sure that the Big-3 can be rebranded and have a better chance of success. That can also lead to a higher level of morale and confidence. Beal loves to win and is craving a playoff win, trust me, he will show up when it comes time.

Now, for the Wizards, they also have a good chance of winning this trade. Kyle Kuzma, Rui Hachimura, Thomas Bryant, and potentially James Harden will be very powerful. That rebuilding team will be exciting to watch. Why? Because James Harden will command the role he had with Houston his final years, that is making shots and winning games.

That will be a great starting base for the Wizards as now they could try to get more pieces, more acquisitions, and attempt to win more games and not burn the gas tank out too early in the season. As we are seeing in this season.

High-level athletes and scorers are very, very interesting to have in the NBA. So for both teams to have a superstar, or great player, is truly amazing.

Number Two: Clippers and Nets

Clippers get: James Harden, Blake Griffin, and Patty Mills

Nets get: Marcus Morris Sr., Serge Ibaka, Norman Powell, 2027 first-rounder

This may or may not be unlikely, it will be hard to justify the Nets will easily agree to a trade structure like this one. However, for the Clippers, this is one of the greatest trades easily. A new Big-3 could be established as the ClipperNation could have PG13, The Klaw, and The Beard all on the same team. Defense and tons of offense is going to run the show and steal L.A.

The Nets may try to get Paul George, who hasn’t even played in more than 65% of games since joining the Clippers, to see if they can convince Kevin Durant to stay. Imagine the faces of many if Durant leaves too… not good. However, this will be a mind-boggling trade to see a Big-3 established in L.A.

The clear winners would be the Clippers as this could establish them to be the top team in their respected conference. I would be down to seeing a trade like this one.

Number One: Nets and 76ers (alternative to the first proposed trade idea)

Nets get: Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, 2023 first-rounder, and Danny Green

76ers get: James Harden, 2025 second-rounder, and 2028 first-rounder

Very interesting potential trade, it isn’t like the first idea that I came up with in the introductory paragraphs. However, this one is particularly interesting. The common theme we are seeing here is the draft picks; notice how the 76ers are giving up a 2028 first-rounder and 2025 second-rounder, but is it useless?

No not really as the 76ers are getting valued draft picks, couple of draft picks, that they may or may not of gotten if they wasted anymore time. Combining the draft picks and Harden is something very interesting. You now have familiar faces reconnect in Philly and draft picks to last you leverage on trades and who is going to be opting into those draft classes.

The Nets are getting a sound defensive player, needs to improve offensively but will suffice until worked on. You also get a good shooter in Curry and Green; plus, Brooklyn is receiving a solid first-rounder that is coming up very soon. The first-rounder could be bold, don’t be surprised if that gets turned into a second-rounder of that same year. Same if they keep that pick due to the level of talent and picks the Nets are giving up.

It will be very interesting to see what happens. All I know is that it could just be Harden that Brooklyn is giving up; or, if teams are lucky, they give up more talent and maybe a draft pick. Again, very interesting on what will happen come this deadline.

Conclusion and final thoughts:

The Nets are going to have to make quick decisions as Thursday afternoon will be approaching everyone quickly. Could Harden be done with Brooklyn and moving on? Maybe, we will not know until it is reported or CourtSideHeat gets in contact with insiders within the organization and the league itself.

These trade ideas here will give us a rough sense, or a complete sense, of what to expect. This will be troubling times for Brooklyn if they don’t get the results they want regardless of the outcome of the NBA Trade Deadline. You are losing Harden now or in free agency, because we all know who is going to pursue Harden the most. They reside in the state of Pennsylvania.

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