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Why trading away Stixs for Torrey Craig was one of the smartest moves this deadline!

Why trading away Stixs for Torrey Craig was one of the smartest moves this deadline!

Why trading away Stixs for Torrey Craig was one of the smartest moves this deadline!

Why trading away Stixs for Torrey Craig was one of the smartest moves this deadline!

Mixed feelings came out of the Suns trading for Aaron Holiday and Torrey Craig; some people didn’t want the Suns to make a move, some did, and I liked it. I was stuck as I wanted them to make a move, but then I didn’t want them to make a move. The moves that they made are really good and very clever.

The Legacy of Stixs in The Valley will always be remembered, but it is time for the hype-man to come back and do his magic. But why should we be excited? Will these two players be the counteract to trades that happened that involved divisional opponents and the 2021 NBA Final Champs? All these questions, and more, will be answered.

Trades that needed to be counteracted:

This is a trade that must be given the most attention, why? Due to the fact that two out of the three teams are divisional foes; the other team, the Bucks, beat them in The Finals. The team too closely look at are the Bucks.

Getting Serge Ibaka was a huge win; another big-man that is going to be great on the depth chart, be a great rotational player, and bring the physicality of the game to his opponents. The rebounds and paint will be his when on the court.

The Suns needed to do something as the Bucks were going to start getting very center and forward heavy. Plus, after the Doran Dragic trade, we could be seeing the Bucks go after him in the Buyout Market. What if the Bucks get Dragic AND Ibaka? That is Phoenix’s biggest worry.

So what did Phoenix do, what did James Jones do? Simple, made great trades that give the Suns the edge.

The Family Reunion: Craig and Phoenix

The Suns value him so much… why? First of all, he gives great energy coming off the bench. He is able to energize everyone he comes in contact with. Second of all, he gives the Suns the opportunity to use him as a small-ball 5 option. Thirdly, whether it is the postseason or regular season, Craig steps up when he is needed. Truly spectacular to see him perform at his highest level. Lastly, he gives great depth at his position. Plus, he’s a returning player in Monty William’s offense that succeeded very well.

Background over… why did the Suns pull the trigger to trade away Jalen Smith?

Despite the incredible stint he had with the Suns, his time has concluded. He didn’t get much playing time in his entire career with the Suns; his first season was a bust as a former 10th overall pick is not what you want to see. Good news for both sides is that Smith was able to get his trade value up and a team came along and snagged him up.

A pick and a player is not bad for a bench player, a terrific rotational player. The Pacers will be able to utilize him, that is a definite. But why did the Suns pull the trigger?

A few reasons:

  • Smith was on an expiring contract (Suns weren’t willing to pick up extra year)
  • Torrey Craig recently signed a two-year contract (UFA come 2023)
  • Craig has more experience and qualities to his name than Smith
  • A less risky trade than all of the potential trades presented to the Suns

Craig has been more dynamic, explosive, and fascinating to watch when the going gets tough and when everything is falling in the right direction for him. His quickness and intenseness on the court has led to Suns liking his style of play a lot. Stixs has not had that much proving time, while Craig has.

One is a veteran, who has proven himself, while the other is up-and-down and still learning his way around. The choice was pretty simple for the Suns. This franchise is gearing up, and bulking up, for the postseason.

Finally, who are the Suns releasing to create space for these two new players?

The two players are Abdel Nader and Justin Jackoson; the Suns have gotten their two players, a wing and a big, to suffice them for the rest of the season. It is going to be very exciting how these two men play for the Suns and how the Suns look at the end of the season.

The Suns, favored to win the championship, beat the reigning champs, the Bucks, last night and it was glorious.

Great moves, strategic moves, and moves that will make a depth-chart difference.

SIDENOTE: Here is the Tweet that announced the trade of Aaron Holiday!

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