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Should the Suns participate in this year’s NBA Trade Deadline?

Should the Suns participate in this year's NBA Trade Deadline?

Should the Suns participate in this year’s NBA Trade Deadline?

Should the Suns participate in this year’s NBA Trade Deadline?

With the trade deadline coming to an end on Thursday at 3 PM EST, we have many questions. The main question for people in the valley is this: what are the Suns doing and should they even participate. The clear answer is no, why? Well, let me ask you this, why fix something that isn’t broken?

That is very clear and that is the very point many of us are trying to make. The main focus, if the Suns were to participate in the trade deadline, would be wing players. Guards are critical and for someone to step in when Booker can’t is critical.

Shamet is good, however, he has been in a strange funk lately. That has led to inconsistency, a lot of bad moments, and more bad than good. Now, to clear the air, he is better than Jevon Carter and someone Phoenix was going to select with the draft pick of last year’s NBA Draft.

Who would the Suns even try to acquire?

With no more Sabonis and Holiday on the table, who do they have? Phoenix has Eric Gordon, KCP, and even Finney-Smith that they can trade for. But do they want to? Personally, it just wouldn’t make sense. Those are all great backups to Devin Booker, they are good shooters that can get the ball rolling in the favor of Phoenix.

We have to look at the pros and cons. The main con that is arising is the Suns jeopardizing their season, postseason, just to make a move that won’t affect their postseason chances of winning a title. Truly. The main pro would be filling that gap that we kind of need to fill. If I’m James Jones of Phoenix, do I try to work my magic in getting one of those players?

Maybe, but should they?

It wouldn’t make sense

This team would be risking the chemistry, the bonding, and how that team performs day-in-and-day-out. It would be a dramatic change and it would require every single player, coach, staffing member, etc on that team to be cooperative and patient to introduce the new teammate(s) and if they endure any setbacks.

No team wants to lose and if they acquire someone and have to bond on chemistry, wouldn’t that hurt them more? Phoenix’s big quest this offseason was resigning their key players and filling the depth chart with more big-men. Whether that be forwards or centers. JaVale McGee, Ish Wainright, and newly signed Bismack Biyombo.

So, summarizing the main point, they have Landry Shamet and his season will turn around. You have all the talent on this team, this team is winning (best team in the league), and they are not looking like their momentum is cutting short anytime soon. Shamet will turn around, no need to get a wing player that may or may not work out.

Conclusion of “Should the Suns participate in this year’s NBA Trade Deadline?”

The Suns should not, and will not, trade for anyone. I strongly advise against it as it could be a senseless move of just doing something to do. Run with the roster that took this franchise to an impressive record of 44-10 (so far), best team in the league, has two players in-play for the MVP Award, and just all the accomplishments of this team during this season is incredible. Doesn’t everyone remember the history-making winning-streaks that they had? Truly breathe-taking.

Hold on to the roster that James Jones has, don’t lose faith and make a bad mistake that could cost this franchise wins down the road. I truly believe that. It is not a necessity but a nicety. Do not comprise this team on impulses and bad judgement, not saying that they are; just saying that it is not worth even considering for a millisecond.

People close to the Suns say they aren’t making a move:

Sources told CourtSideHeat couple of nights ago, before posting to social media, that the Suns’ organization are not actively in-talks of a trade. Sources close to the Suns have not heard anything about a potential trade; nothing concrete yet. When asked if the Suns would be interested in trading for Eric Gordon, Justin Holiday (before he was traded), or any of those other names floating around; this was his response:

“I’m sure they’d be interested in someone like an Eric Gordon or a Justin Holiday, but we’ll see.”

It’ll be interesting what this team ultimately decides, but from what insiders are telling us, we shouldn’t get our hopes up. Nothing concrete as the Suns could be standing firm that they aren’t giving up cash, picks, or players for anyone or anything in return.

Remember: NBA Trade Deadline is Thursday, 3 PM EST.

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