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Derrick White

Add Derrick White to the injury list!

Add Derrick White to the injury list!

Add Derrick White to the injury list!

Add Derrick White to the injury list! White is out definitely as he broke his second left toe against the Lakers this past Friday. This happened in the second quarter of the game when he fell.

Toe injuries are not the first time for White, actually this is his second time breaking his toe. Ironically, he broke this toe before. Yes, you are reading this correctly.

This past offseason, he had surgery on the same toe; which made him miss training camp, preseason, and the first four games of the NBA season. Now the team does say this is a different injury than what occurred when he needed surgery. It is being told that he fractured his toe this time around.

In that game-day loss, White only scored 9 points in 23 minutes.

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