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“Mamba Out” Airing soon!



“Mamba Out” Airing soon!

This could be the greatest news yet to come out in the past month, why do I say that? Because there is a new documentary coming out and it is featuring the Black Mamba himself!

This documentary is featuring Kobe Bryant’s last championship ring back in 2010. Of course this documentary was breaking the internet after Michael Jordan’s documentary called “The Last Dance” featuring his last season in the NBA.

This documentary featuring Kobe will have the main points on the 2009-2010 NBA season of which was pure dominance by Kobe and his Lakers. This is a website/online thing, meaning this. ClutchPoints is making this live to everyone on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Here is the schedule featuring the eight episodes:

  • Episodes 1 is on Sunday, July 5th.
  • Episode 2 is on Wednesday, July 8th
  • Episodes 3 is on Sunday, July 12th.
  • Episode 4 is on Wednesday, July 15th.
  • Episodes 5 is on Sunday, July 19th.
  • Episode 6 is on Wednesday, July 22nd.
  • Episodes 7 is on Sunday, July 26th.
  • Episode 8 is on Wednesday, July 29th.

Who are the players/staff speaking in this documentary?

This series contains interviews from players like Pau Gasol, Metta World Peace, Derek Fisher, and other players that were on the Lakers during the 2010 championship run.

Remembering Kobe Bryant:

Kobe Bryant, who entered the league 1996, was spectacular. His stats were through the roof, how? Well, let’s take a look: Kobe Bryant (through his entire career) averaged 25 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists. He played his whole entire career with the Los Angeles Lakers, plus brought home to LA five championship rings.

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The Lakers set to have their own documentary in 2022!




The Lakers set to have their own documentary in 2022!

The Lakers set to have their own documentary in 2022!

The Lakers set to have their own documentary in 2022! Hey, with the Last Dance featuring Michael Jordan and the ’90s Bulls was a hit why not try it with the Lakers? This reality that was being thought of after and before the death of Kobe Bryant is now coming true. Fans are excited, we are excited, and so is Hulu.

Why Hulu? Hulu is very excited as they will be the ones debuting this nine part documentary series in 2022. Even though it is nine parts, there is so much to unpack in these nine episodes. It is rumored to have the beginning of the documentary talk about Jerry Buss and how he acquired the Lakers; then we will see 35 interviews done with Shaq, Phil Jackson, the Buss Family, KAJ, and everyone else. Which is going to be really exciting, to be honest. Plus, we will see an in-depth look of the Kobe-Shaq years, Kobe Bryant in general, and so much more.

Don’t you newer fans worry, they will also have where LeBron James and Anthony Davis won the 2020 NBA Finals down in Orlando, Florida. They will take us through all the glorious moments defining and knowing who the Lakers truly are… even up to this point.

Here is what Jeanie Buss has to say about this documentary:

“When Dr. Buss bought the Lakers in 1979, he sat alone at center court of the Forum and thought of all the possibilities. But even in his wildest dreams, my father could not have imagined what the next decades would bring for our organization; our league, and our city of Los Angeles. I am thrilled that the true story of the Lakers will finally be shared with the world—and that we are in such capable hands with Hulu and Antoine, a director whose storytelling I’ve admired for years.”

This is going to be an exciting documentary to watch as I am hoping this capitalizes on the success that The Last Dance had. Plus, I am hoping we get to see in-depth details of winning all those championships, what Jerry West has done in that organization, and more that like. It is going to be very interesting how they put together this documentary. Also, get Hulu because that is the streaming platform.

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