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2023 NBA Draft

Official Lottery Mock Draft

Official Lottery Mock Draft

Official Lottery Mock Draft

Official Lottery Mock Draft

The NBA Draft is a week away and that means fans are going to be flooded with mock drafts, CourtSideHeat is no different. Today, you all will be getting the official CSH Mock Draft featuring the lottery selections.

Sure, everyone knows who is going first through third. Those aren’t hard to figure out, it has been like that for months. But what about picks four to fourteen? This article will be going pick-by-pick explaining why this player is going to that selected team and how it fits for both sides.

#1 – San Antonio Spurs

Victor Wembanyama will no doubt be selected with the first overall pick of this year’s draft. He has been referred to as the greatest prospect in sports history and potentially the next face of the league. Wembanyama will be the franchise’s savior in hopes of making it back to the promise one day.

Gregg Popovich has always liked big men and this center will fit perfectly into the scheme of San Antonio. The core in San Antonio will fit with the talents of Wemby.

#2 – Charlotte Hornets

Brandon Miller, despite his off-the-court matters, will most likely land with Charlotte. The Hornets have been very high on Miller as they are looking for someone to be the Robin to LaMelo Ball; not necessarily needing another ball-dominant guard, Miller is the better option than Scoot Henderson.

Brandon Miller is a solid shooter that brings the energy and hustle Charlotte needs on both ends of the ball. His length and athleticism, combo that with his offensive abilities, will definitely land him with the Hornets.

#3 – Portland Trail Blazers

Assuming the Blazers don’t trade away their pick, they’ll be selecting Scoot Henderson. He and Damian Lillard would be a very intimidating backcourt; Henderson possesses all the qualities Portland seeks in a point guard. While his shooting can be off-and-on, his playmaking abilities and being able to use his I.Q. will land him with Portland.

The Trail Blazers value a true point guard who can excel at making his teammates better and being able to carry his load while on the court. His athleticism, playmaking, pretty good shooting (mid-rangers mostly), and defense will surely land him with the Blazers.

#4 – Houston Rockets

While he’ll need time to adjust to the NBA and actually look like a fourth-overall pick, Amen Thompson will be the secondary star for Houston. His mindset and ability to be a rim-attacker are what make him appealing to many teams that are looking for a point forward. His athleticism will make him a feared opponent on both ends of the ball.

Thompson is an explosive player that can thrive on both sides of the ball, the main concern is his ability to have a solid jump shot. However, add in his playmaking along with his rim-attacking abilities, he’ll be a cornerstone piece for the Rockets.

#5 – Detroit Pistons

Jarace Walker will be selected by the Detroit Pistons. Beyond the fact that Monty Williams can coach wing players and mold them, he’ll be great alongside Jalen Duren. Imagine Detroit’s frontcourt for a second. The biggest need for the Pistons is wing as they’re fine at the guard and center position. While he needs to work on his shooting, his untapped abilities to be a wrecking ball on both ends of the floor is why scouts are projecting him to go in the lottery or top-five.

#6 – Orlando Magic

The Magic have picks six and eleven, so they can take chances on players who may not have the biggest floors projected. While some could see a point guard heading to Orlando, CourtSideHeat is projecting forward Cam Whitmore to be selected with the sixth overall pick.

While some find it risky for the Magic to select him, I find it an amazing opportunity for both sides. He will fit in with Banchero, Anthony, and the other players on the Magic. He has a nice three-point shoot and is a destroyer when it comes to attacking the paint. Also, his playmaking abilities will insert him nicely into the play of Banchero and Wagner.

#7 – Indiana Pacers

This could have gone between Ausar Thompson or Taylor Hendricks, but I believe Hendricks would be the better fit for Indiana. Their backcourt is pretty stacked with quality talent, they aren’t lacking for pieces, however, in the frontcourt, this area needs attention. The pairing of Hendricks and Myles Turner would be a unique combination as given turners abilities and the abilities of Hendricks, this could be quite special.

His ability to be such a versatile big man is what the Pacers would love to have, he can be paired with another big man or with another shooter. The forward could use the pick-and-roll game to his advantage. Overall, he will be an impactful player on both ends of the court for Indy.

#8 – Washington Wizards

Speaking about Ausar Thompson, Amen’s brother, he would be a tremendous fit for Washington. The future of Bradley Beal is looking bleak with the Wizards, this is why they trade Beal and select Thompson. The Wizards have no life when it comes to athleticism and playmaking, by drafting Thompson, Washington will be letting themselves up for success.

If his three-point shot develops more, then fans could be looking at a deadly piece for the Wizards. That speaks volumes to the current abilities he already possesses.

#9 – Utah Jazz

This team needs some youth on their roster, players like Jordan Clarkson aren’t getting any younger, and that heavily implies their backcourt. With that being said, CourtSideHeat projects Anthony Black to be selected as the ninth overall pick.

He’s a very interesting player because of what he can offer the Jazz when factoring in their schemes and roster makeup. Utah needs more selfless players and Black is the type of player who will look to pass first, which is why he is known as a dominant playmaker. Plus, his 2.1 steals would be a great addition to Utah. One of the main reasons why the Jazz struggled was due to their lack of consistent defense that could add pressure to imposing offenses.

#10 – Dallas Mavericks

Like the Blazers, assuming the Mavericks don’t trade their pick, CourtSideHeat projects Jordan Hawkins to be selected by the Dallas Mavericks. Hawkins is an interesting pick as it could be between him and Cason Wallace, but I believe Dallas would be better off with Hawkins.

Hawkins is a pretty good, still developing, two-way player. Kyrie Irving, if he re-signs, and Luka Doncic isn’t known as a defender. So why not pair them with a defensive player who can still knock down shots? Beyond defense, his catch-and-shoot and pull-up abilities are almost unmatchable. Given the team Jason Kidd wants to have, and the ability Kidd has of developing these types of players, I would most certainly have Dallas selecting Hawkins.

#11 – Orlando Magic

Since the Magic already drafted Whitmore, why not draft Gradey Dick? Beyond controlling the paint, Orlando needs a lot more shooting around the perimeter and three-point line. Dick would be a great addition because of his ability to be a threat from deep and have those pull-up opportunities.

He’s known as a sharpshooter for a reason; plus, add in his playmaking on-and-off the ball, and Orlando is getting a solid specialist at number eleven.

#12 – Oklahoma City Thunder

If you are a fan of short-term potential, then please skip over this projected selection. CourtSideHeat projects Bilal Coulibaly to be taken by the OKC Thunder. The long-term potential is there for this small forward, his window of opportunity to become a top-tier wing is not unrealistic. In fact, given their track record of development and progress with players in OKC, he would thrive greatly in that environment.

Coulibaly is a very intriguing player because of his massive upside, and the fact that he had a major burst to get onto the NBA’s radar of potential lottery players. While his stats may not speak to his skills, he is definitely a risk worth taking.

#13 – Toronto Raptors

Just like the future of Bradley Beal is unknown in Washington, the same can be said for the future of Fred VanVleet. Remember, VanVleet declined his player option and is an unrestricted free agent this summer. With that being said, it doesn’t matter if Vanvleet comes back or not, Toronto needs depth at the point guard position desperately.

That is why CourtSideHeat is projecting Cason Wallace to be selected by the Raptors. The way he finishes and incorporates his playmaking skills is something not many prospects can say they’ve done in their professional career and beyond. Wallace is very efficient when driving in the lane, can play outstanding defense (probably one of the best defenders in this entire draft class), and has a three-point shot, if worked on, can be deadly.

He will be a high-level guard when he gets those minutes and can get his footing in this league.

#14 – New Orleans Pelicans

Keyonte George will most likely be selected by the Pelicans, CourtSideHeat is monitoring his potential to go earlier than fourteen, however, it is more likely he is being selected by New Orleans. With that said, his NBA-Ready potential is out of the roof. George is a very gifted player that has incredible skills when shooting the deep ball, one of his biggest traits as a combo guard.

He doesn’t always need the ball to play well, his ability to get buckets is something the Pelicans need. Plus, he can be mentored by CJ McCollum. Let him learn from one of the best in the game and he will be rocking and rolling. Also, his ability to take contact and bully defenders of any size is what makes him so appealing to many scouts.

The intensity this 19-year-old brings is outstanding, something New Orleans covets greatly.


We have about a week before the draft officially is underway, this is going to be a very exciting night as you should expect trades to happen, surprises to happen, and good selections to be made. This is definitely a loaded draft class with just this lottery having overwhelming upside and potential.

The draft is Thursday, June 22nd, 2023. You can watch it on ESPN.

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