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Should we still buy NBA Packs?

Should we still buy NBA Packs? Luka Doncic buying selling trading Walmart Target courtsideheat

Should we still buy NBA Packs?

Should we still buy NBA Packs? We all heard it before. “I should have bought some Luka Doncic cards before they sky-rocketed.” Or, “I should have bought some Zion cards before they jumped.”

The truth of the matter is this, we are now searching for these types of cards by looking on eBay or Mercari. The thing is that these cards will continue to sky-rocket, and unless you get very lucky, it will be nearly impossible to attain these cards.

So, the question is this. Should we or should we not be investing in NBA Packs? NBA Packs are very common, how? Because you can get them from anywhere, even if the packs are common that doesn’t mean that the cards are too.

Collectors and people that have opened these types of pack, bundles, lots, whatever have gotten extremely lucky finding cards. Unless buying individually, that is where a seller, collector, or a buyer is getting their inventory.

Meaning when players are coming out of the draft, they are ready for purchase in these packs. The packs are random in them, so that means you have a chance to strike something big.

That’s where all these Luka Doncic cards, Zion cards, Jayson Tatum cards are coming from. All these rare cards can still be found, they are still out there.

Should we still buy NBA Packs? So, good news! Rarity cards are still available!

For example, if you are looking for LeBron James cards; open packs. He entered the league in 2003, you still have great chances to get these packs from online or in-store. Just make sure they are not opened.

Another example would be Luka Doncic. One of the hottest players on the buying and selling market currently is going for explosive money. The good news is this: you can still find his cards in bundles, packs, etc. A great example of that would be this bundle; NBA Mosaic Basketball Trading Card Blaster Box.

This NBA Mosaic Basketball Trading Card Blaster Box could contain players like Luka and Zion, some of the most popular players today!

How much are these packs/bundles and where do we find them?

You can find these NBA Packs almost anywhere; like at Walmart, Target, some Dollar Trees, and Amazon. Now, some NBA bundles and packs can become expensive. Like the NBA Mosaic Basketball Trading Card Blaster Box, which is $20.00 dollars.

For the NBA Mosaic Basketball Trading Card Blaster Box Bundle, it comes with 32 cards. Plus you might able to pull a Zion, Trae, or potentially a Luka card. Maybe even a few Prizm cards while at it.

Now, there are some cheaper NBA card packs that are out their on the market. Currently on Walmart, there is a 2019-20 Panini Donruss NBA Basketball Hanger Box- 50 Cards | 3 Green Flood parallels and 3 Inserts. It has Kobe Bryant on the front of the box as the cover, and what makes this even better is that there is about 200 veterans and 50 rookies in that box.

The 2019-20 Panini Donruss NBA Basketball Hanger Box- 50 Cards | 3 Green Flood parallels and 3 Inserts is only $11.00 dollars at Walmart right now, and great news: they still have that bundle in stock!

On, Amazon you can get NBA Hoops cards of each team in the NBA for around $10 dollars. Warning, that is not the same for every team, as the Pelicans are going for $35.00 dollars on Amazon right now. That is because of them featuring Zion Williamson.

A great one to get from here would be the Houston Rockets NBA Hoops pack, with James Harden and Russell Westbrook.

Is there a downfall with the newer card packs/bundles?

What has been very common with certain types of packs, like NBA Hoops, it will take time for them to sell. The money is not there when you initially buy them. You can look at a Kobe Bryant NBA Hoops card, what people had sold them for has been a dollar or two. The Stephen Curry NBA Hoops Card isn’t worth much either.

Now, not all newer packs/bundles are bad to get. Why? Because the one’s that have Zion Williamson’s image as the cover will get you big bucks, that’s a good one to get. The reason why is because there are going to be Prizms, potential Rated Rookies, etc. The players will differ and it is what is hot currently on the market.

For example, the NBA Hoops packs. These types of packs are failing in the market today because they are the plain ones. Meaning that they don’t contain Prizms, as an example.

Here’s the way I look at it. I look to see first which bundle or which pack is going like hot-cakes. Not for the sole purpose of reselling it, but to see if there is any good cards in those packs or bundles. Because if people are getting excited and hyping up those packs/bundles then you know it is worth something.

I would say get the hot-cake packs/bundles first because there is a chance that they will contain something special in them, like a Luka Doncic or maybe a Trae Young Prizm. We just never know what is contained in them, player wise, because it is all random.

Here is a list of packs/bundles to get right now:

Here is a list of packs/bundles to get right now before they go off the shelves for good:

  • NBA Mosaic Basketball Trading Card Blaster Box (link)
  • 2019-20 Panini Mosaic NBA Basketball Trading Cards Hanger Box- Exclusive – 20 Cards (link)
  • NBA Panini 2018-19 Contenders Basketball Trading Card VALUE Pack [22 Cards!] (link)
  • NBA Panini 2019-20 Contenders Basketball Trading Card FAT Pack (link)
  • 2019-20 Panini Donruss NBA Basketball Hanger Box- 50 Cards | 3 Green Flood parallels and 3 Inserts (link)

Even though these cards can be a little pricy, it is still a very good investment to make. Most of the packs/bundles should have Prizms in them, no guarantees. Some of the packs/bundles you could find auto cards, Rated Rookie cards, etc.

If you are a collector, buyer, seller, or whoever. I would seriously recommend any of these packs/bundles to anyone right now.

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