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Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose to the Knicks???

Derrick Rose to the Knicks???

Derrick Rose to the Knicks???

Derrick Rose to the Knicks??? That could be a possibility… or even reality for the former MVP. The rebuilding Pistons is trying to get back on track and they are looking to do that by swapping out D-Rose for someone or something else.

With Rose on the final year of his contract, instead of letting him walk they will try to gain something out of the 32-year-old veteran. This has been leading towards the Pistons and Knicks. Having real talks. Real-time with each other. Something to consider for sure as we are nearing Trade Month in the NBA.


Derrick Rose could be having a reunion… with an old HC. That head coach? Tom Thibodea. They would be reuniting after a memorable moment with the former MVP when he won that award in his first season as HC.

It would be no shock if he wanted to go there, they have RJ and Randle and then you have Tom. That’s a really good lineup and the Knicks have been sneaky good this year, shocking… right?

What could both sides get in-return?

Taking Rose out of the equation, there are some pieces that both sides could get. First of all, Dennis Smith Jr. Could find his way with the Knicks, has been struggling in Thib’s scheme, and offered to go to the G-League to have more minutes and a better chance of success.

That’s one, second of all draft picks and different players. I think the Knicks will be getting a good deal with Rose, veteran help for younger players. Plus, he still has some game to him. Also, I do believe both sides will get at least one draft pick. Even if it is a second-rounder.

Rose is averaging 14 points and 4 assists per game this season.

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