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De’Aaron Fox down and out as COVID-19 strikes hard!

De’Aaron Fox down and out as COVID-19 strikes hard!

De’Aaron Fox down and out as COVID-19 strikes hard! The Kings are still in it, barely. With them in the 12th seed they have been struggling for some action of winning and beating the sorry Pelicans in the standings. With that being said, the injury/COVID reasons are kicking in and it is affecting Fox.

Fox will be sidelined due to health and safety protocols, this will be lasting between 10-14 days.

With that being said, they are not in the dark completely. How? They still have the rookie, that is regarded as one of the top rookies, Hailburton. Who is averaging 12/5 in 38 games.

The last play-in spot is between the Warriors and the Kings, what does this mean? The Sacramento Kings are trailing five games to get into the play-in tournament round, the Warriors are fine as they are holding strong. This means that if you can’t get in the eighth seed then you have the option of making the play-in tournament. So, something to look out for. Most likely, unless they can fasten a winning record, the Warriors will be the last team in the play-in tournament. The team that is suffering from their own bleeding injuries and COVID reasons.

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