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Collin Sexton

Collin Sexton has suffered a meniscus tear in his knee!

Collin Sexton has suffered a meniscus tear in his knee!

Collin Sexton has suffered a meniscus tear in his knee!

Collin Sexton has suffered a meniscus tear in his knee! This will be horrific for the Cavaliers, who actually been playing well, as he will be sidelined indefinitely. His knee injury, as reported in the game, came against the New York Knicks. They won that game pretty easily and ensured their record towards 7-4; many people did not predict such a great start to their season.

While the team did not say anything initially about surgery, more tests will be done to see how many weeks he will be out for. Sexton’s recovery time will be determined by the severity of injury, if it isn’t bad then shorter the outage; however, longer would be worse… by a large amount.

We will keep you guys updated when we can on his status heading into the end of this week and into next week. This would, and will, be a huge blow when they won’t have their young general charging them into battle. That will be the toughest part out of all the things to happen, what will be the best thing to happen? The best thing to happen is to see Sexton come back healthy, as possible, as soon as possible.

Questions for you guys:

What do you guys hope to see? Do you guys think the Cleveland Cavilers can pull through without Sexton? Tell us what you guys think in the comment section below of this post.

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