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Fantasy Basketball

Fantasy basketball: Players to avoid!

Fantasy basketball: Players to avoid!

Fantasy basketball: Players to avoid!

Fantasy basketball: Players to avoid! With the basketball season back and teams are getting ready to suit up for contention of not only winning games but hoping for the chances of being apart of the NBA Finals. But, do you know what is also getting ready for battle? Fantasy Basketball, the drafts are opening soon (if not already opened in some leagues) as people are getting ready to create the dream-team to secure the win.

Whether you are competitive, doing this for fun, putting money or friendly wagers; you need to know how to win, and where do we need to start? We need to start at knowing who not to draft in this year’s fantasy draft. But why start with the negatives? There are so many fantastic players like Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James, Lonzo Ball, Devin Booker. However, even with all those great names there are a few that just can’t be drafted… it will kill your team before it even begins.

With so many players we need to decipher between the pros and cons, in today’s post you will be discovering the negatives and then come out with the positives. This way you have a blueprint on what not to do and then use your best judgment through stats, fantasy stats, etc.

So, without further of due. Let us get right into it as the fantasy leagues are beginning, questions are arising, and the good and the bad are coming in full effect.

These are the Fantasy basketball: Players to avoid!


If players are dealing with the drama of the vaccine, be careful on who you select. Because some players are dealing with vaccine mandates while other players don’t have vaccine mandates; Andrew Wiggins, before taking the vaccine, would have been a huge risk. However, he took it and now can play in San Francisco. Now, is Jonathan Isaac a bad option because he doesn’t have the vaccine? No, why? Because his state, Florida, is not allowing a vaccine mandate. That means if you object to receiving the vaccine then you won’t have to miss games.

Also, injuries. Injuries are a huge factor, it has been a huge factor since the beginning of NBA Fantasy Basketball Leagues. This is important, you don’t want to waste your first few picks on injured players. Unless the players are making a speedy recovery, have a timetable of a week or so, and/or day-to-day. But, and this the most important *but* of this disclaimer, if they are going to be out for months. It then would not be worth it, how so? The Leagues end in April, so if it is an injury that is taking over a player for months or they are injury-prone, then what is the point? It would be a waste of a pick, we will discuss that further in this post.

Also, this list is of the top three players not to draft. Because these three players will be a pickers-trap, they show empty promises as of today.

Number one, Kyrie Irving

The news with Kyrie, Nets, New York, and the vaccine has been one of the leading stories and one of the leading factors of not drafting him. Irving has been very uncertain from not taking the vaccine, which will require to miss half of the season, to not wanting to leave Brooklyn (meaning he will retire if traded). Uncertainty is killing his draft stock in the Fantasy World and his trade stock in the actual NBA.

Irving, with his uncertainty, should not be a first or second rounder. If drafting your fantasy team today, tomorrow, or sometime during the week it would not be a safe bet to draft him because there is no certainty if he is going to play or not. The vaccine is not something he will be taking anytime soon, plus, the team is not looking for him to be a part-time player.

Could he get the vaccine before the season? Yes, but it is not looking like it currently. My advice to people wanting to wait it out would be to get into a fantasy league a day or two before the league; or if you want to be very precise, the day of the league beginning of the NBA – the NBA begins on October 19th. I would just skip him, as he is not a safe bet – but actually the complete opposite.

His mystery optics is not worth as there are better players than him currently that would be more valued in the long run and would give you more benefits. So, as this is clearly the obvious, do NOT draft this man. This player will cause more pain, unless he gets the vaccine before the NBA begins, then skip him.

Number two, Kevin Love

Don’t get too excited that Kevin Love is still available for the taking if available by the second-round, as he is just a waste of the pick. I have discussed about him on my podcast, CourtSideHeat (the website), and even on our social media. He is injury-prone, just playing 103 games in the past three seasons (crazy), and putting up decent numbers.

It is no secret that we know of the fallout between the Cavaliers and Love, they both hate each other and want to make their lives miserable. Lauri Markkanen is looking like the guy that many are ready to cash in on, what the organization will hope that will become a positive. That will effect his draft stock in the fantasy world, because who knows if he will be healthy, his playing time, his actual role now, or even if he is going to be traded at any point in time. There are too many variables that would make him a risky pick. Evan Mobley, Markkanen are two names that are largely going to consume the dominant role, the big-man role. The center and forward position will be commanded by these two young bucks while the old-washed up man will be looking for any role.

His role will be diminished as the Cavs would like to start the rookie and young-bull over the older guy having a fallout with his high-paying organization. Will he be coming off of the bench? Getting below 20 minutes? Around 30 minutes PPG? Who knows, just who knows. This is a situation that is a sleeper in the real-world but a real concern in the fantasy world. Plus, with his injury history look for him to miss a solid of 20-30 games. That will pretty much ruin your team, even if he is your backup center/power forward.

Overall, just avoid him. Why risk it? He isn’t his old self, he is running out of gas and trying to make something out of nothing. Just avoid him and if he is a free agent, or becoming relevantly good, then try to trade for him or sign him as a backup. However, just avoid him. Love is not worth it, honestly and truthfully. Just avoid him.

Number three, Kawhi Leonard

Leonard is an outstanding player, he is a number one pick. Without question, but will this season be different? If no one remembers, Kawhi Leonard tore his ACL late in the postseason against the Utah Jazz. He has no timeline for when he should be back, however, reports are saying he is having a speedy recovery. Again, is he going to be worth taking a chance on him?

Leagues go until April, but he in inclined to return to practice around March or April. Let’s say that he returns and starts to play in March, Leonard will not put up meaningful stats for your fantasy team. Plus, him playing in a game and posting stats that will positively affect your team is very, if not extremely, rare and slim. If your league allows your team to have two IR spots and you want to take a chance on him, then why not? But even then, I would pass as a torn ACL recovery takes a while and it would be tough to justify spending a highly valued pick on an injured player.

His return is far away, leagues end in April, and it would be incredibly risky to do that. Your pick is much more valuable and I believe it should be spent on a different, more healthy, player. If you take the risk for such a great, but injured, player then just remember you have been warned.


Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Love, and Kyrie Irving are all three of the guys that you want to avoid at all costs. Uncertainty, injuries, and roles are all leading factors against these three men. Also, I would advise not doing your fantasy leagues today, tomorrow, or even in the next few days. Start your draft on the 17th or 18th, this gives you the best chance to narrowly and accurately know what you are dealing with.

Me personally, I am going to start my draft on the 17th or the 18th. This gives me the best of both worlds, knowing the situation that surrounds uncertainty and different variables, and, of course, having your list of players you want to draft ready in-hand. This gives you max preparation, best strategies, and even the best ways to beat your opponent.

Part two will be talking about the players to draft in your fantasy league, as these two articles will give you the best advantage against your competition.

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Fantasy basketball: Players to avoid!

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