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Is the NBA back open?

Is the NBA back up? reopening date? Much to come! July/June Luka Doncic Zion Williamson

Is the NBA back open? Is the NBA really back up? Today is the day that movement towards the start of the season happened; the NBA Board of Governors has permitted the restart of the season.

How is this working? Are teams going to Disneyland Hotel?

The NBA Board of Governors has decided that they will be playing in Disney’s hotel down in Orlando, plus only selecting 22 teams to make the trip.

Here is a list of things on how it is going to be in the NBA during COVID-19:

  • The NBA will extend its league for 16 days, this includes 5-6 games each day.
  • There will be four hours between games to ensure cleaning, over time, and warm-ups.
  • The league will be using three courts in the building for games.
  • in the regular season, each team is expected to play a game back-to-back.
  • The NBA Finals format will include games every other day.

Did they take voting on resuming the league? Who voted against resuming?

Is the NBA back open? First of all, yes. The NBA has made it’s comeback, and took a vote to resume the season. The votes were 29-1, one team decided to vote against coming back.

Who was the team voting against it? None other than the Portland Trail Blazers. They didn’t feel it was a good idea to restart the season, why? Here is what one member of the team said:

“We play for an ownership group that actually listens to its players and has a backbone,” Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum tweeted. “We voiced what we felt was the best option and they followed our lead. I commend our front office and [team chair] Jody Allen.”

Why did they vote against restarting the season?

To me, to be honest, the main reason they voted no is that they didn’t feel like they had a shot for the playoffs. Damian Lillard even said that if they didn’t have a good shot at the playoffs then they weren’t doing it. Well, they are in it, but will they participate?

Meaning, I think they will. I think once they win a few games, and make a good run in the playoffs then they’ll be happier. I think it was weak on Lillard’s part to say he wasn’t going to do it, but they have good chances of being in the playoffs.

To be honest, I believe management was putting their trust and faith into their players and staff. But by doing this, they have better chances of being in the playoffs and actually succeeding. Will they come in big or will they fail to the task? That is for us to judge when they return to the court.

Are the Phoenix Suns in the restart?

HUGE! I mean HUGE NEWS. The Suns have a chance to make it to the playoffs, they were added to the 22 teams that were selected to return. Isn’t that exiting? Devin Booker finally gets to shine for once if making it to the playoffs.

If the Suns play it right, get their guys fit and trained. We could see a whole new team ready and loaded for the playoffs. Imagine the Suns doing something since Steve Nash retired/left the Suns.

Sad news for this ONE NBA player!

The NBA has finally drew their 22 teams, and this one player ISN’T sticking around in the NBA any longer. Vince Carter’s Atlanta Hawks were not in contention for the restart of the NBA season, that means earlier in the season was his final game.

Carter has had a spectacular 22 year career with several teams, his most famous would be the Raptors. Everyone around the NBA, like Trae Young, has been wishing him a good farewell on his journey to retirement.

Update on schedule for the NBA

This is the updated schedule for the NBA:

  • Training camp: July 9-11
  • ’19-’20 season: July 31-October 12
  • Draft Lottery: August 25
  • NBA Draft: October 15
  • Free Agency: October 18
  • ’20-’21 training camp: November 10
  • ’20-’21 season start: December 1


This has certainly been a crazy day for the NBA, an exciting day for everyone around/in the NBA. The dates have been set, the players should be ready, it is going to be fun and interesting on how things play out.

I think everything will go smoothly, they might have some errors but it will be all good. Hopefully more announcements will be made about the restart of the season. Until then, keep checking in just in case something happens.

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