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Michael Jordan’s Top 5 Greatest Games EVER!

Michael Jordan's Top 5 Greatest Games EVER!

Michael Jordan’s Top 5 Greatest Games EVER! Is Michael Jordan the Goat we always saw him as? Will these top five games prove he IS the goat? Find out by scrolling through and reading why they are!

Coming in at number five:

Michael Jordan Michael Jordan's Top 5 Greatest Games EVER! Number five the playoffs regular season

At number five, we have Michael Jordan’s career-high 69 point game! This is a spectacular game, even though it is the regular season. The Bulls needed every single point that MJ produced, why? It was due to the fact that he was cashing in on all his shots, free-throws, some threes, but still couldn’t rally his teams for a support.

Plus, what makes this even more significant is the fact that Jordan also had 18 rebounds. That almost made it into his career-highs list too. He also played 50 minutes, what did Jordan say after the game?

This is what Jordan said about him NOT being fatigued:

“I didn’t think about being tired because I wanted to win the game. I’ve been in that situation where I’ve scored a lot of points and we lost, and I didn’t want that to happen. So I kept pushing myself, kept talking to myself, saying, ‘Don’t stop, don’t stop. Keep going.’ You feel better about the effort when you win.”

Not only did he want to win, score, and not stop trying. But the fact that he didn’t need to play this hard as they weren’t facing any complications towards the playoffs, that just tells you have badly Jordan wanted it.

Coming in at number four:

Michael Jordan Scottie Pippen the Flu Game top 5 list ranked number four CourtSideHeat Bulls  Michael Jordan's Top 5 Greatest Games EVER!

This game is an oldie but a goodie. The Flu Game performed by Michael Jordan was incredible, especially coming down with flu-like symptoms. This took place in the 1997 NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz. It was Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Anybody watching that game, without knowing the severity of Jordan’s symptoms, would know something was wrong. This was due to the fact that the Chicago Bulls were losing by 16 points to the Utah Jazz in the first quarter.

Even in the worse condition possible for Jordan, he didn’t care. He went onto score about 17 points in the second quarter, leading them back into the game to win it. The Bulls won that NBA Finals in six games.

This is what Jordan had to say about his condition after the game:

” I almost played myself into passing out,” Jordan said after the game. “I came in and I was almost dehydrated, and it was all just to win a basketball game, I couldn’t breathe. My energy level was really low. My mouth was really dry. They started giving me Gatorade, and I thought about IV.”

His stats in that game? He scored 38 points, had 5 assists, plus a clutch-three that pretty much sealed the deal for the Bulls to win Game Five of the NBA Finals.

Coming in at number three:

The Shot Michael Jordan hit VS the Cavs Playoffs finals conference Bulls winning it game winner Michael Jordan's Top 5 Greatest Games EVER!

Remember when the Cavs got dismantled by Jordan’s 69 points against Cleveland? This was the year after beating them in the First Shot, why called the “First Shot?” Because The “First Shot” was the beginning of Jordan, nobody saw anything that incredible by Jordan in the playoffs before hitting that iconic shot to win the game.

In 1989, Jordan was beginning to rise to the occasion in the NBA playoffs. Jordan knew, Bulls knew, everyone knew that it was win or go home. Because for the Bulls they haven’t reached the Finals it feels like forever, so for Jordan to hit this iconic shot to send them to the Finals was a huge deal.

Jordan took the inbound pass, took one dribble, pulled up, the announcer said this:

“It’s good! Michael Jordan has won it at the buzzer for Chicago!”

Jordan had achieved 44 points in that game, but sadly when they reached the NBA Finals the Pistons dismantled them. Made them look like fools, and defeated them to win the gold. None of the less, this was huge momentum for Jordan and the Bulls, how?

For starters, a team was being formed the right way around Jordan. Jordan was able to have reliable teammates, plus he showed he could take his team to the next level. This shot sent to a place, a state of mind, that nobody could have snapped him out of. The rest is history beyond the years of 1990.

Coming in at number two:

Michael Jordan's Top 5 Greatest Games EVER! Michael Jordan iconic game VS Larry Bird and Celtics incredible NBA basketball

Backing it up in time, we head over to 1986, where Jordan is faced with the mighty Celtics. Who had Larry Bird, Robert Parish, Kevin McHale, Dennis Johnson, and Bill Walton. They eventually became Hall of Famers.

It was the Celtics against the Bulls in the 1986 Eastern Conference Finals Round One. Where Jordan would be coming off a broken foot injury, but that didn’t stop him nor did it phase him.

He came back for 15 games until the playoffs, and was ready for the Celtics. On that night in Game Two of Round One, Jordan probably earned the respect of Bird. Even though the Bulls got swept, Jordan put on an incredible performance.

He had a playoff-record of 63 points, the most by anyone in the NBA at the time. Even though Jordan took a lot of shots, not including the free-throws, Jordan never took a three. All those shots were taken to the rim or mid-rangers all day.

Because remember back in the ’80s and ’90s the three-point line wasn’t heavily introduced. It was more about contact, driving to the lane, drawing fouls, and waiting for those jumpers. Plus, the defense was huge back then. The defense was fierce so your only option was to drive or to shoot mid-rangers because you would have gotten killed if you were taking all those threes.

This is what Larry Bird had to about Michael Jordan after that performance:

“It’s just God disguised as Michael Jordan.”

Coming in at number one:

Michael Jordan's Top 5 Greatest Games EVER! Michael Jordan hitting his last shot in the 1998 NBA Finals VS the Utah Jazz The Last Shot The Last Dance

This shot is the most iconic, heroic, craziest shot you’ll ever see. This is how Jordan’s career with the Bulls ended, on his terms. He sealed the game by winning his sixth championship, Jordan sealed the game by hitting the game-winning shot. Plus, it was the last shot he ever took in a Bulls jersey. That is how people are remembering his last shot, whenever someone says Jordan’s name you think about that highlight, you think about that shot.

This was back in 1998, when the Bulls came to an end on their terms. Winning a championship.

When Jordan was coming up court, he had the ball, with 15 seconds remaining he was locked in. Jordan came up and hit Byron Russell with this cold-blooded crossover to send him packing. Jordan then rose up, took his position, aimed, and fired. Michael Jordan buried the shot, the stadium/fans and announcers went crazy.

This is how Jordan is remembered. His six Finals MVPs, his six rings, his epic last shot, plus having a documentary featured about his 1998 Chicago Bulls.

The conclusion to Michael Jordan’s Top 5 Greatest Games EVER!

Has this changed your mind at all on how you view Jordan? Did these top five games prove to you that he is the true and only goat? Leave your answers/comments down below in the chat box.

The way Jordan played was intense and incredible, his style was ferocious, and the team around him had the same mentality. They wanted to win, and they did it as a team. This is the greatest dynasty with Jordan being at the helm of things.

Thank you for reading: “Michael Jordan’s Top 5 Greatest Games EVER!”

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