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The Phoenix Suns are destined for more than just the playoffs!

The Phoenix Suns are destined for more than just the playoffs!

The Phoenix Suns are destined for more than just the playoffs!

The Phoenix Suns are destined for more than just the playoffs!

The Suns are destined for more than just the playoffs! They have gone through so much in this past decade from front office decisions, new coaches and coaching staffs, and to players that have gone up and down through the years. They were considered a laughing stock in the league for the past few years, this would be before 2020. We have gone through developmental players like TJ Warren that showed promise in college then failed to perform for the Suns; we have also seen the worse days of our roster like Tyler Ulis and Tyson Chandler. Those were just one of the many bad players that signed and tried to use.

Now the Suns are clinching a playoff berth and becoming one of the most dominant teams in the league, currently. So, the question begs itself. Why is this more than the playoffs for the Suns?

First up: History lesson on the Suns

The Suns began their impressive journey back in the 2020 NBA Bubble when they went on the incredible 8-0 run. Phoenix would have been in the playoffs, however, a not so good Nets team at the time chocked and cost the Suns the opportunity. However, this was made into something more.

Momentum. Momentum was given to the Suns as Booker was playing like a madman, there bench players were lighting it up, Oubre (who was there before being traded) was cashing in, Ayton was playing like the stud the team drafted for. Things were lining up and we were heading into the next season with confidence.

Confidence that Monty Williams could lead your Phoenix Suns and become a good team that hasn’t seen the light of day since 2010. Then the Suns decided to trade for Chris Paul, one of the greatest moves ever. Why? Because when he was with the OKC Thunder they had a two percent chance of making the playoffs, they did that and demolished the odds. It was due to the fact that they had great talent and leadership within Chris Paul.

How does this transition to the Suns?

Paul was able to take this team currently and make it into something. Meaning, Booker was becoming more explosive and turning into that player he looked like in 2016-17. The man turned Ayton into the player that the PHX Suns drafted; he got more vocal, more dominant with the boards, became a true big-man under the scheme and play-fit of Williams. Paul as the point guard transitioned this team smoothly to where Booker did not have to rely on taking the ball up the court and trying to hit a shot; he was able to create his own shot off the dribble or in place, able to drive to the lane more. Communication was big, Paul said and commanded there be communication on both ends of the court.

Why do you think the Suns are doing better without Rubio, Oubre, and some other players? Because the missing piece of their team was that veteran leader and guider. His coaching on the court has made a tremendous difference for this team and it is not even close. This team with Booker, CP3, Ayton, Bridges, and Crowder is the best lineup since the Steve Nash era. Really since 2010.

Second up: What contracts are coming up for the Suns?

Look, before we jump into how this team is destined for more than the playoffs. We need to understand where this team lies after this postseason and into the offseason.

For contracts we have several names, however, Chris Paul is the biggest one and the only one to have a player option this offseason. The rest are unrestricted free agents. Some of those names? Frank Kaminsky, Cameron Payne, Torrey Craig, and other names that are not as significant as those presented. Right? These players are bench and potential role players.

Depending on how the playoffs go, I would be like get the player option as your advantage to get Paul back and then work out a 2-3 year contract worth around $50-$55 million dollars. Why do that? Here is the reason: This is a facilitator and commander on offense and defense; and from what I am seeing this is a guy, even though going to be 37-years-old, has great leadership and mentorship roles left in him. This is a player that the Suns need, in my opinion, that will keep them thriving on momentum and skill. Not luck.

So you gotta work this deal throughout the season, or even in the offseason, and make sure you sign him. That has to be on top of your list because you originally went all-in on him, now you have to keep it that way. This team is inching closer and closer to greater things, great strides are being made and this is being taken notice.

Sign him, don’t hesitate, it will stab you in the back. Trust me.

Finally, why are the Suns destined for greater things beyond the playoffs?

Suns are going to have an interesting path, an interesting road, to the NBA Finals. That is their goal, but you need to take it round by round. And they’re not idiots, they know they have to do that. I am just laying that out there, to keep hope alive for the gold you need to win round one. If you lose in round one then all that work, all that motivation and momentum was for not. If you at least get to the second round, you are gold. That meant that you were able to successfully win games in crunch time and battle like crazy.

The reason why I lay it out this way is due to the fact that if we can do that then it will have more motivation for Paul to come back to the team. That would lead this team to even more confidence of making it to the next round the following year in hopes of a championship bout. The last time they had a championship opportunity they had Charles Barkley against a primed and seasoned Chicago Bulls team that consisted of Jordan and Pippen.

I believe with all my heart and soul that they are destined for greater things beyond the playoffs because they have Monty Williams, coaching means everything. Do not tell me otherwise; why? Look at the New York Knicks they have a great head coach now and have turned around that franchise. They are going to the playoffs, something they haven’t done in forever. He is doing great as he has developmental players and bums working harder and better. Randle is a great case, Barrett is developmental as he is working and achieving high numbers. This team is in number three right now in their division. So, yes, coaching matters.

So, they have a good HC… what else is there for the Suns?

A good head coach always has some good weapons, in William’s case he has several. Bridges is great in the stretch of a game and when it is needed of him. Booker can drive down the lane, pass the ball exceptionally, create the open shot, get guys open, and so forth. Same with Paul, he can play magnificent defense and offense and his IQ in the game of basketball is outstanding. Another reason to have him on your team regardless of age. Ayton is also improving to being the big man that Monty Williams wanted and needed. Not a bust but a future star. The bench is becoming very good, rotations are on point, minute restrictions and overall minutes per player is fantastic. The scheme, the play calls, and the general physicality and awareness on the court is something that has been working for the Suns.

Lastly, you have the front office and ownership. Sarver has been putting tons of money recently in paying players and making sure that his team is finally winning games and potentially playoff games; same with the front office, the general manager and everyone included have been making smart player and business decisions. Most notably with the recent trades including Chris Paul. With ownership and the front office finally making and getting into a comfortable and profitable situation they are making moves we have not seen in a while. Good coaching, good ownership/office, and good players will lead to a successful team. It has been proven time and time again, without fail.


This wraps up everything about why the Suns are destined and potentially set for greatness and success beyond the NBA Playoffs. Like we have mentioned before when you have a working office that knows what they are doing and get pieces like Chris Paul, you are going to see the positive upside. Especially when you already have pieces like Ayton and Booker.

The Suns could either be facing the Lakers or potentially someone else if they stay in second place and LAL stay in seventh; however, things could change as LAL will be in the playoff tournament and we could see a shift in power. Especially with injuries for the Lakers, most notably Anthony Davis (on same levels) and LeBron James.

Anyways, the NBA Playoffs begin on May 18th as that begins the exciting play-in tournament. Thank you for reading this article from our exclusive newsletter; if you want more of these exclusive articles and/or deals then continue to read the newsletter every week on Sundays.

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