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NBA adds antibody test to protocol!

NBA adds antibody test to return protocol! CourtSideHeat NBA players! Face Masks health and safety The Ringer Photo NBA adds antibody test to return protocol!

NBA adds antibody test to protocol!

NBA adds antibody test to protocol! With concerns around the league for false positive tests when returning to the Orlando Bubble, the league has introduced a new test. The NBA has informed teams through a memo about the new antibody test.

The main reason behind the league adding this test because they don’t want false testing during the playoffs. That may have major impact for teams. This was brought up during a conference call with the GM’s participating in the Orlando Bubble.

Here are the steps to put this antibody test to action!

  • At least 14 days must have passed from the latter of their first positive test or the resolution of their symptoms.
  • They must pass two negative PCR tests at least 24 hours apart.
  • Players, staff, etc must return a positive antibody test within the past 30 days.
  • Everyone must pass a negative rapid coronavirus test before taking part in any close, physical contact with other people.

These steps were set up by epidemiologists and infectious disease experts that was in communication with the NBA when creating these steps to follow.

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