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Who knew you can trade a headache to a team!

Who knew you can trade a headache to a team!

Who knew you can trade a headache to a team!

Who knew you can trade a headache to a team! Hold up, before you leave thinking that this is clickbait or I’m just an idiot. I am not doing that, this actually real and this is actually scary.

The Cavaliers have Rockets have struck a deal shortly ago as a player and a draft pick were exchanged. The headache, I mean player, that the Rockets received is Kevin Porter Jr.

You might be asking yourself, “why is he a headache? What could he have possibly done to be called a headache?” If you have been living under a rock or just don’t care, this is why he is a headache.

The Cavs traded up in the NBA Draft, in 2019, to get Porter Jr. with the 30th overall pick. He had a great rookie season averaging 10 points and 3 rebounds per game, suppose to be a rising talent for this organization.

Then this set into realization; his personal life is a wreck, a mess, something not too many people were realizing about this player. When he was off the court, he was involved in a lot of off-court drama involving the cops arresting him after wrecking his car and when the cops found this: A loaded gun and marijuana.

Long-story-short he was able to prove innocent that he didn’t know the gun was in his car and he was not impaired when his SUV flipped causing a huge accident involving himself. This has now turned into reports of Cavs wanting to help, but he refused. This led to confrontations of shouting, yelling, and screaming at the Cavs’ GM, “Modern Day Slavery.”

The team called it, told teammates he is no longer apart of the team, and that was that. Because they told him precisely to clean out his locker, get rid of all his stuff, and just leave. They could not take the headache any longer, and they finally gave up on him.

SO, now that we went through Porter’s problems… what this gotta do with a trade to Houston?

The Rockets received Porter Jr. as the Cavs get protection on their new second-round pick. The plan is for the Rockets is that they will be able to turn around this player because he does have potential but he is a little crazy.

The team hopes to tame him as he did not have a great time in college, USC, when he was having conduct issues. Plus, when he was sending out creepy messages throughout his social media accounts.

That read this:

“Do you ever wish to see the end of your time?”

A black square, this past October, and was deleted once confronted with it. Hopefully, the Rockets will be able to get the 20-year-old in a stable and safe place in his work environment and whatnot. Because, as I said, he is a great player but him being a headache for people is not helping his cause.

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