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The Cavs are officially making Jarret Allen a restricted free agent!

The Cavs are officially making Jarret Allen a restricted free agent!

The Cavs are officially making Jarret Allen a restricted free agent!

The Cavs are officially making Jarret Allen a restricted free agent! Cleveland has given Jarrett Allen an extended qualifying offer Friday as they are hoping to secure him back into their roster. The Cavs, when trading for him last season, was considered one of the top pieces of their roster.

Cleveland had until August 1st to make the qualifying offer to him; basically, Allen will be restricted which means the Cavs have first right of matching that offer to retain him. The center is getting a lot of buzz from the organization because of his skills, physically, and just his size. He is a great defensive player and a player that can grab the boards, control the paint, etc. A player the Cavs would love to have back.

In 51 games, 40 starts for Cleveland, Allen has produced 13 points and 9 rebounds.

The general manager has been wanting this player to come back; hopes are high and they would offer him anything within reason, it appears to be. Would you guys want Allen back? Would he be a piece worth having? Let us know in the comment section below!

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1 Comment

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