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Full recap of the Laker’s NBA Finals victory!

Full recap of the Laker's NBA Finals victory!

Full recap of the Laker’s NBA Finals victory!

Full recap of the Laker’s NBA Finals victory! The game itself wasn’t even a game, the Lakers were just playing against themselves. The Heat was clearly out of it, but that doesn’t mean you can discredit the Lakers like that. The Lakers are still your 2020 NBA Finals Champions, and LeBron took home the Finals MVP.

Everyone that had to work late, didn’t have ESPN or ABC, or just couldn’t watch the game. We have you covered for this breakdown/recap! Here are the top things we noticed about the Lakers in this Final’s victory, things we hated in this Final’s victory, stats, and so much more.

Here are the top things we noticed about the Lakers in their Finals win!

We have a list of things with this topic, but one notably people are forgetting about would be that LeBron had a great supporting bench. Rajon Rondo played great in the Laker’s victory last night, he put on a three-point shooting show. Rondo had 19 points, but 9 of those points came from three-pointers.

I was especially happy with the type of game he was happening, this was the old version of him when in Boston many years ago. Playoff Rondo has been a critical component in this Laker’s offense this NBA season, in the Bubble or not. Huge bonus he stepped through with these good shots.

Also, he bench stepped up for the Lakers. Remember Game 5? They were trash, but everyone turned that around. My two out of that bench would have been KCP and Caruso, those two hustled and worked hard on offense and defense. They made sure they made a difference and an impact on the court. Huge for the success of the Laker’s winning Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

“If your not stealing, than you aren’t trying!”

That, to me, is an incredible thing to say in the case for the Lakers. The Lakers made huge strides in turning defense into offense; by stealing or blocking the shot. One of the reasons why this worked is because they switched Howard and Caruso, Caruso got the start instead of the big-man.

The Miami Heat just looked out of it, not sure when or how to shoot it, and overall looked scared and having fear struck into them. Jimmy Butler was being guarded by LeBron James, for what appears to be the whole game. It was just straight-down lockdown defense by LeBron, A.D., and Caruso. The whole team did do their part though.

Every time the Heat did try to pass the ball, drive, or create some momentum. The Laker’s players were there to intercept the pass, get the shot-block, and even to just stop driving and create the bleeding.

Since a lot of Miami’s shots were looking rushed, forced, and reckless. This allowed fast-break points to be scored as in the first quarter 16 fast-break points occurred. That then lead the Heat into a frenzy of losing by 36 points by halftime.

This helped the Lakers, but not the Heat!

Jimmy Butler was gassed after Game 5, on Game 6, during Game 6, and after Game 6. Needless to say, Butler was just too tired for Game 7 deciding game. Butler only had 12 points in 45 minutes, Also he shot 5/10 from the field and 1/2 from the 3PT line. His shooting was terrible and he was playing conservative with the ball when passing it, even though he had gotten eight assists.

It also did not help when LeBron was guarding him, putting the squeeze on him, and making sure he has no breathing room for an open shot. That killed nay hopes of momentum to start the game for Butler, plus since he was so tired he didn’t bother to drive to the hoop efficiently. That’s why he has garbage shooting stats, he should have shot that ball at least 20 times. Tired or not, still gotta shoot.

Quit messing with the game plan… IDIOT!

Again, not helping the Heat but helping the Lakers. Erik Spoelstra tried getting Goran Dragic back into the rhythm of the team, but it failed epically. Dragic hasn’t played for an entire game, since exiting in the first half of Game 1.

He was looking very rusty, very out-of-sorts, and it killed any chemistry the team had by trying to implement a new strategy with an injured player. Should have left him out, that didn’t help the momentum of the game for the Heat. That wouldn’t have changed anything major, but could have gotten more chances to shoot with Butler or Adebayo.

The situation and Dragic was forced, you can clearly tell when watching him; he shouldn’t have been out on that court. The injury took a toll on him, not playing for five and a half games killed his shot entirely. Just not the same Dragic, that was a waisted fifth man on the court and could have been better without him.

The Lakers took advantage of this by isolating everyone else, like Adebayo and Butler, when they forced Dragic to get grown back into the game. He missed a semi-open shot, open shots were given to him when driving but LA knew he wasn’t going to make it. Their theory was proven correctly.

The Heat should have kept things the same, should have kept the game plan, the rotational players, the starting lineup the same without changing it. They tried to get Dragic back for a moment to take a few shots and it back fired, horrifically. His stats proves it, which was 2-8 from the field and only having 5 points. Missing all four of his three-pointers, plus he played 19 minutes. That made it worse. Different approaches could have been made.

Here come the stats!

Since the Lakers won this year’s NBA Finals, they will go up first for the best stats they had all night. We will break this into two sections, the whole team, and the best player out of the group.

Let us start with the Lakers as a whole, here are their best stats heading out of that game. They were 48% FG, 64% FT, 54 rebounds, 5 steals, 36 point lead, 16 fast-break points, and 52 points in the paint. Those are all the categories they won, and by no shock, they dominanted those categories.

The Lakers won those categories because they shot better in the paint and around the midrange area, that’s because the Heat were gassed. Same with the fast-break points and steals, the Heat were gassed and they made sloppy decisions. Plus, the rebounds were easy when nobody was physical with it.

Overall, the Lakers won those categories fairly easy by the lack of energy and focus of the Heat. That what kills the momentum of a team, and what ultimately kills the game for opposing teams.

Who was the player of the game for the Lakers?

No doubt in my mind it was LeBron James. It doesn’t matter if you hate him, love him, or go half-and-half. The point of the story is he balled like crazy and he showed tremendous passion and heart in winning this game.

He had a 28-14-10 triple-double, plus being +18 on the court for the LA Lakers. He controlled the rebounds, besides Davis by one, from the Heat. Also, proving he is still able to whip that ball out and pass it to an open player. He is still proving he has that court vision and spacing ability, and he knows how to command an offense when he has his sidekick by his side.

To me, this was the perfect way for LeBron to end things. To end the series, basically in shorten terms. He did it his style, his way, and was aggressive about it. The triple-double sealed things, the impatience to wait for the ball offensively and defensively sealed things. As a whole, the man did everything he could do in his own power to win this game and win this for Kobe. He did everything right and had very few mistakes, that is why he is a player of the game!

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