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OPINION: Suns-Mavs series will settle the 2018 NBA Draft Debate

OPINION: Suns-Mavs series will settle the 2018 NBA Draft Debate

OPINION: Suns-Mavs series will settle the 2018 NBA Draft Debate

OPINION: Suns-Mavs series will settle the 2018 NBA Draft Debate

Since the 2018 NBA Draft, people have been criticizing the Phoenix Suns for passing up on Luka Doncic. Saying that they would have been so much better with him than with Ayton; however, the tables have turned and Phoenix has been winning with Ayton. Deandre Ayton had one of the best series in his playoff career, capping it off yesterday, with impressive stats.

Luka Doncic has been the best Euro-player in the league since being drafted – and traded by the Hawks. Both players have been leading good careers, both have been getting to new heights in their career, but starting this Monday will show which team won that draft.

This is bigger than just two teams that made it to the second round, this is dating history back to a draft class that many thought the Suns messed up on. They called them losers and the Mavericks geniuses for trading for Doncic, after drafting Trae Young. This will be a revenge series for Deandre Ayton and the Suns to prove everyone wrong.

Why do people still remember that draft class?

People instinctively remember that draft class because of the past ones we had; what do I mean by that? What I mean is that the 2019, 2020, and the most recent one we had has not been as great as that 2018 NBA Draft. When you have Ayton, Doncic, Young, Sexton, Jackson Jr., Gilgeous-Alexander, Bridges, and many more guys like that, you cannot forget a draft class like that.

The amount of volume players that panned out after that draft is significant, that is why it was highly considered one of the best NBA drafts ever. There were good moments, bad moments, and really bad moments. Marvin Bailey Jr. is a currently bust, just like the Kings’ existence. Michael Porter Jr., spent more time on the bench (due to injuries) instead of playing. Kevin Knox, guy just never panned out for being selected ninth overall.

But, then you had the good/great players in that draft go. Ayton, Doncic, Young, Miles and Mikal But, then you had the good/great players in that draft go. Ayton, Doncic, Young, Miles and Mikal Bridges (or should I say DPOY31), Kevin Huerter, Robert Williams, Jalen Brunson, etc. In short, that is why people remember that draft class so much. Personally, that is my number one draft class. I love that draft class so much, I truly do.

Who should win this debating series?

The big-man, Deandre Ayton. I truly believe that, and no it is not because of my outstanding bias for the best team in the NBA that will win the NBA Finals (lol convincing, right?). Mikal Bridges is going to lock down Luka Doncic, like he has done to him in the past. Bridges is a terrific postseason defender as that hasn’t change since the Iron Man entered the league.

Imagine this, that Doncic gets shut out like CJ McCollum did. Or even Brandon “Mini Durant” Ingram did. Or speaking of the Devil, Kevin Durant or anyone else that has come in contact with the outstanding defender Mikal Bridges. The problem the Mavericks will have will be trying to secure the paint. That is going to be destroyed by JaVale McGee, Bismack Biyombo (if he does play), or Deandre Ayton. Just speaking of big-men at the moment.

Who’s gonna stop Ayton… Dinwiddie, Boban, or Finney-Smith? No. No. And no. They have very improbable chance at that; especially when D.A. plays physical. Just considering height will make you rethink life, right? Skill, they do not possess the same skill in the paint and around the perimeter as the former number one overall pick. That is simply just fact.

Ayton has been more resourceful with his dribble, taking a few and hitting jumpers and/or taking it inside. His post moves have also grown. Simply, he is growing more comfortable and has woken up a beast within physically and mentally.

Guys can stop Luka Doncic, to an extent, but with Ayton a lot of guys can’t. Just ask Jonas, just ask bigger guys than himself. There is a reason why the Suns looked to add a center, not another shooter. That very reason will be displayed this second-round series.

Y’all have to know… who’s winning this series?

For all the men and women out there that are willing to be embarrassed, welcome and goodbye. The Phoenix Suns will be winning this series in six, possibly five, as they are locked and loaded. The amount of firepower they have is ridiculously amazing; should make grown men cry.

The Suns have a bigger depth chart that actually means something, right? Phoenix has players that have talent and not being picked up from the G-League cause a team doesn’t know how to get quality and just selecting for quantity. The have better players. Even with Devin Booker not at 100% healthy, this team still has the Point God, Cam Johnson, Cam Payne, Mikal Bridges, Torrey Craig, Jae Crowder, etc. We have talent for days, that is without doubt.

The one thing Dallas does not have that is costly, would be good role players and a supporting cast to the great Luka Doncic. Doncic needs help, can’t do it by himself all the dang time. He can, he does, but it can’t happen for four wins on an important series. The Suns just have too many positive factors digging against the Mavericks.

So, Dallas Maverick fans, get ready to be embarrassed nationally – again.

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