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Thomas Bryant signs deal with Lakers

Thomas Bryant signs deal with Lakers

Thomas Bryant signs deal with Lakers

Thomas Bryant signs deal with Lakers

Bryant made headlines last night when choosing the Los Angeles Lakers as many thought he would have gone earlier – including CourtSideHeat. One of the top free agents, at the time, still available there was shock when it was announced he was heading to Los Angeles.

He choose L.A. over the Raptors, Bucks, Celtics, and Jazz. While many of you could be scratching your head in disbelief on why Bryant would pick the Lakers over NBA title contenders, like the Bucks and Celtics, there is a reason for this decision.

The Lakers are signing him to a one-year deal that allows him to compete for the starting position at center. The 24-year-old wouldn’t have had a shot to become a starter anywhere else. Bucks have their center, Jazz have their center, Celtics have their center; the last resort to become a starter again was through the Lakers. That makes a whole lotta sense.

Also, an interesting tidbit, Los Angeles originally drafted him back in 2017. So this is kind of like a reunion between the two sides, despite only playing with them for one season. After that one season, he joined the Wizards and stayed with Washington up until this free agency period.

Thomas Bryant averaged 7 points and 4 rebounds per game for the Wizards last season.

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